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  1. Understanding subjective quality of life in homeless and vulnerably housed individuals: The role of housing, health, substance use, and social support
  2. Framing climate change as a human health issue: enough to tip the scale in climate policy?
  3. The association between diet and mental health and wellbeing in young adults within a biopsychosocial framework
  4. Are US adults with low-exposure to methylmercury at increased risk for depression? A study based on 2011–2016 National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES)
  5. Victimization of People With Severe Mental Illness Outside and Within the Mental Health Care System: Results on Prevalence and Risk Factors From a Multicenter Study
  6. Scoping Review and Bibliometric Analysis of the Term “Planetary Health” in the Peer-Reviewed Literature
  7. Web-based training on substance use disorders - a promising approach in low-resource settings
  8. The use and distribution of the term 'planetary health' in the peer-reviewed literature
  9. Cross-cutting principles for planetary health education
  10. Free online training in Lifestyle Medicine