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  1. Proposing priorities of intervention for the recovery of native fish populations using hierarchical ranking of environmental and exotic species impact
  2. High-resolution global grids of revised Priestley–Taylor and Hargreaves–Samani coefficients for assessing ASCE-standardized reference crop evapotranspiration and solar radiation
  3. Modeling plant density and ponding water effects on flooded rice evapotranspiration and crop coefficients: critical discussion about the concepts used in current methods
  4. Changes in land use and ecosystem services in tropical forest areas: a case study in Andes mountains of Ecuador
  5. Geographic segmentation, spatial dependencies, and evaluation of the relative position of rain-gauges based on gridded data of mean monthly precipitation: application in Nigeria
  6. Long-term records (1781-2013) of European eel (Anguilla anguillaL.) production in the Comacchio Lagoon (Italy): evaluation of local and global factors as causes of the population collapse
  7. Length-weight relationships of three estuarine species in the Comacchio Lagoon, Po River delta, Italy
  8. Criticism on elasticity-sensitivity coefficient for assessing the robustness and sensitivity of ecosystem services values
  9. Land use change effects on ecosystem services of river deltas and coastal wetlands: case study in Volano–Mesola–Goro in Po river delta (Italy)
  10. A combined methodology to assess the intrinsic vulnerability of aquifers to pollution from agrochemicals
  11. Relations between environmental gradients and diversity indices of benthic invertebrates in lotic systems of northern Italy
  12. Terrain Segmentation of Greece Using the Spatial and Seasonal Variation of Reference Crop Evapotranspiration
  13. A size-age model based on bootstrapping and Bayesian approaches to assess population dynamics of Anguilla anguilla L. in semi-closed lagoons
  14. Testing Spirotetramat as an Alternative Solution to Abamectin forCacopsylla pyri(Hemiptera: Psyllidae) Control: Laboratory and Field Tests
  15. Environmental stressor gradients hierarchically regulate macrozoobenthic community turnover in lotic systems of Northern Italy
  16. Comparison of Different “S-index” Expressions to Evaluate the State of Physical Soil Properties
  17. Onsite and online FT-NIR spectroscopy for the estimation of total nitrogen and moisture content in poultry manure
  18. Analysis of Temporal Variation of Soil Salinity during the Growing Season in a Flooded Rice Field of Thessaloniki Plain-Greece
  19. A Review and Synthesis of Bivariate Non-Linear Models to Describe the Relative Variation of Ecological, Biological and Environmental Parameters
  20. Estimation of Leaf Area Index and Foliage Area Index of Rice using an Indirect Gravimetric Method
  21. Effects of land use and irrigation practices on Ca, Mg, K, Na loads in rice-based agricultural systems
  22. An update of the length-weight and length-age relationships of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla, Linnaeus 1758) in the Comacchio Lagoon, northeast Adriatic Sea, Italy
  23. Assessment of rural and highly seasonal tourist activity plus drought effects on reservoir operation in a semi-arid region of Greece using the WEAP model
  24. Estimation of field capacity for aggregated soils using changes of the water retention curve under the effects of compaction
  25. Nutrients fixation by algae and limiting factors of algal growth in flooded rice fields under semi-arid Mediterranean conditions: case study in Thessaloniki plain in Greece
  27. monoculture wheat, modelling
  28. Formulation of Indices to Describe Intrinsic Nitrogen Transformation Rates for the Implementation of Best Management Practices in Agricultural Lands
  29. Evaluation of pan coefficient equations in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment using the ASCE-standardized Penman-Monteith method
  30. Assessment of the Intrinsic Vulnerability of Agricultural Land to Water and Nitrogen Losses via Deterministic Approach and Regression Analysis
  31. Methodology to Assess the Effects of Rice Cultivation Under Flooded Conditions on van Genuchten’s Model Parameters and Pore Size Distribution
  32. Assessment of specific vulnerability to nitrates using LOS indices in the Ferrara Province, Italy
  33. Water quality in irrigation and drainage networks of Thessaloniki plain in Greece related to land use, water management, and agroecosystem protection