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  1. Results on neutral integrodifferential system using Krasnoselskii-Schaefer theorem with initial conditions
  2. Existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional nonlinear hybrid impulsive system
  3. Solutions to fractional neutral delay differential nonlocal systems
  4. New results on Caputo fractional-order neutral differential inclusions without compactness
  5. A New Investigation on Fractional-Ordered Neutral Differential Systems with State-Dependent Delay
  6. New results on exact controllability of a class of fractional neutral integro-differential systems with state-dependent delay in Banach spaces
  7. Existence result for a neutral fractional integro-di erential equation with state dependent delay
  8. New results on nondensely characterized integrodifferential equations with fractional order
  9. On the controllability of fractional neutral integrodifferential delay equations with nonlocal conditions