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  1. On boundaries of ping-pong modes in multipacting
  2. Systematical study on superconducting radio frequency elliptic cavity shapes applicable to future high energy accelerators and energy recovery linacs
  3. Improved accuracy of measurements of complex permittivity and permeability using transmission lines
  4. Analytical relationships between elliptic accelerating cavity shape and fields
  5. Experimental setup for investigation of nanoclusters at cryogenic temperatures by electron spin resonance and optical spectroscopies
  6. One-point multipactor in crossed fields of rf cavities
  7. Multipactor in crossed rf fields on the cavity equator
  8. Frequency control in the process of a multicell superconducting cavity production
  9. Generalized phase stability in multipacting
  10. Asymmetric focusing study from twin input power couplers using realistic rf cavity field maps
  11. Deflecting cavity for beam diagnostics at Cornell ERL injector
  12. Optimal choice of cell geometry for a multicell superconducting cavity
  13. Multipacting-free transitions between cavities and beam-pipes
  14. Low loss and high gradient sc cavities with different wall slope angles
  15. Deflecting cavity for beam diagnostics in erl INJECTOR
  16. The cornell erl superconducting 2-cell injector cavity string and test cryomodule
  17. High gradient studies for ILC with single-cell re-entrant shape and elliptical shape cavities made of fine-grain and large-grain niobium
  18. Fabrication and performance of superconducting RF cavities for the cornell ERL injector
  19. Characterization of ferrites at low temperature and high frequency
  20. Optimal cells for TESLA accelerating structure
  21. Effect of the intrinsic magnetic field of a volume resonator on the secondary electron discharge in it
  22. Multipacting in a rectangular waveguide
  23. World Record Accelerating Gradient Achieved in a Superconducting Niobium RF Cavity
  24. Measurements of ε and μ of Lossy Materials for the Cryogenic HOM Load
  25. Optimized Shape of Cavity Cells for Apertures Smaller than in TESLA Geometry
  26. Dipole-mode-free and kick-free 2-cell cavity for the sc erl injector
  27. Input coupler for ERL injector cavities
  28. An optimized shape cavity for TESLA: concept and fabrication
  29. Works toward the creation of powerful pulse RF generators of the X-band
  30. Progress of 2-Cell Cavity Fabrication for Cornell ERL Injector
  31. Design of the CW Cornell ERL Injector Cryomodule
  32. The Cornell ERL prototype project