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  1. Inflammatory factors and immunophenotypes in adjustment disorders
  2. Olfaction, pain sensitivity and immunoendocrine system in substance use disorders
  3. Psychosomatic process in patients with dissociative mental disorders
  4. Lymphocytes with Fas-receptors of readiness to apoptosis in non-psychotic mental disorders
  5. Clinical-immunological predictors of prognosis of the efficiency of antipsychotic therapy with amisulpride in schizophrenia
  6. Stability of results of treatment and therapeutic compliance of patients with organic non-psychotic mental disorders
  7. An effect of quetiapine on the immune system of patients with schizophrenia
  8. Interferon gamma inducer in therapy of schizophrenia
  9. Association of Cytokine Production with Hormone Level and Sensory Responses during the Formation of Psychoactive Drug Addiction in Men
  10. Влияние адамантилбромфениламина на параметры иммунитета и симптомы астении у пациентов с непсихотическими психическими расстройствами
  11. Association between pathological olfaction, immunological abnormalities and predisposition to substance use
  12. 1014 – Clinical-immunological criteria of prognosis of protracted course of adjustment disorders
  13. P02-480 - Psychoneuroimmunomodulation at various levels of mental adaptation
  15. P02-209 - Role of immune mechanisms in formation of variants of adaptation in persons with PTSD
  16. P.8.b.001 Influence of cortexin on parameters of immunity in patients with organic asthenic disorder
  17. Clinical-Immunological criteria of prognosis of prolonged course of posttraumatic stress disorders
  18. P.1.g.016 Immunity system state in liquidators of consequences of Chernobyl atomic power station accident
  19. System of immunity in posttraumatic stress disorders
  20. Stress and immunity by change of place of residence
  21. Diagnosis of immunological deficiency by neuro-mental disorders
  22. The state of immunity in patients with organic astenic disorders
  23. Ego defense mechanisms and immunological status