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  1. Investigation of the Possibilities for Removal of Phenolic Toxic Compounds from Water by Nanoporous Carbon from Polymer By-Products
  2. Effect of graphene material structure and iron oxides deposition method on morphology and properties of graphene/iron oxide hybrids
  3. Influence of electron beam irradiation on extracellular matrix of the human allogeneic skin grafts
  4. Structure and Mechanical Properties of High-Density Polyethylene Composites Reinforced with Glassy Carbon
  5. Effect of grain fractions of crushed carbon foam on morphology and thermomechanical and tribological properties of random epoxy-carbon composites
  6. The effect of macromolecular architecture of ethylene copolymers with multi-alkenylsilsesquioxane on morphological, rheological and dynamic mechanical behavior
  7. Iron oxides/graphene hybrid structures – Preparation, modification, and application as fillers of polymer composites
  8. New method for synthesis of carbon foam on the base of mixture of coal tar pitch and furfural without using pressure and stabilization treatment
  9. Phase Behavior of Amorphous/Semicrystalline Conjugated Polymer Blends
  10. Gas transport properties of mixed matrix membranes based on thermally rearranged poly(hydroxyimide)s filled with inorganic porous particles
  11. Insights into molecular engineering of membranes based on fluorinated polyimide-polyamide miscible blends which do not obey the trade-off rule
  12. Effect of graphene filler structure on electrical, thermal, mechanical, and fire retardant properties of epoxy-graphene nanocomposites - a review
  13. Phase Diagrams of n-Type Low Bandgap Naphthalenediimide-Bithiophene Copolymer Solutions and Blends
  14. Improving the thermal and electrical properties of polymer composites by ordered distribution of carbon micro- and nanofillers
  15. Influence of conductive nano- and microfiller distribution on electrical conductivity and EMI shielding properties of polymer/carbon composites
  16. Three-dimensional printing of PLA and PLA/PHA dumbbell-shaped specimens of crisscross and transverse patterns as promising materials in emerging application areas: Prediction study
  17. Multi-layered graphenic structures as the effect of chemical modification of thermally treated anthracite
  18. The influence of a magnetic field on the morphology and thermomechanical properties of a liquid crystalline epoxy carbon composite
  19. Carbon foam based on epoxy/novolac precursor as porous micro-filler of epoxy composites
  20. Influence of unique structure of glassy carbon on morphology and properties of its epoxy-based binary composites and hybrid composites with carbon nanotubes
  22. Synergy in hybrid polymer/nanocarbon composites. A review
  23. Preparation and characterization of carbon foams derived from cyanate esters and cyanate/epoxy copolymers
  24. Crystallization of Poly(2-isopropyl-2-oxazoline) in Organic Solutions
  26. The influence of structural order of anthracite fillers on the curing behavior, morphology, and dynamic mechanical thermal properties of epoxy composites
  27. Further evidence of polylactide degradation in paraffin and in selected protic media. A thermal analysis of eroded polylactide films
  28. Structure and properties of new highly soluble aromatic poly(etherimide)s containing isopropylidene groups
  29. Synergistic effects on pyrolysis of binary and ternary coal blends studied by means of dynamic mechanical thermal analysis and Gieseler plastometer
  30. Viscoelastic properties and morphology of dicyanate ester/epoxy co-polymers modified with polysiloxane and butadiene–acrylonitrile rubbers
  31. Curing of dicyanate ester/epoxy copolymers modified with polysiloxane and butadiene-acrylonitrile rubbers
  32. Anisotropic Epoxy Networks
  33. Core-shell nanoparticles with hyperbranched poly(arylene-oxindole) interiors
  34. Dynamic mechanical properties of epoxy/novolac system modified with reactive liquid rubber and carbon filler
  35. Curing of epoxy/novolac system modified with reactive liquid rubber and carbon filler
  36. Modification of epoxy-novolak compositions with reactive rubbers and coal as a filler
  37. Effect of coal on the rheological and mechanical properties of epoxy matrix