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  1. Numerical Assessment of the Correction Defect Induced by Spacetime Coordinate Transformations in the Design of a Convective Meta-Device
  2. Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Experimental Investigation of a Three Propellers DEP Configuration: The VENUS Project
  3. An Extensive Near-Field Noise Prediction of a Subsonic Jet Using Data-Driven Surrogate Model Based on Neural Networks
  4. Under-expanded jet noise prediction using surrogate models based on artificial neural networks
  5. A Multi-Objective Optimization of a Wave-Packet Model Using Near-Field Subsonic Jet Data
  6. Benchmarking Uncertainty Quantification Methods Using the NACA 2412 Airfoil with Geometrical and Operational Uncertainties
  7. Approach to the Weight Estimation in the Conceptual Design of Hybrid-Electric-Powered Unconventional Regional Aircraft
  8. Acoustic Metamaterials in Aeronautics
  9. Acoustic Metamaterials in Aeronautics
  10. Development and Assessment of Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Ship Hydrodynamics
  11. On the Use of the Analogue Transformation Acoustics in Aeroacoustics
  12. Correction: Iemma, U. Theoretical and Numerical Modeling of Acoustic Metamaterials for Aeroacoustic Applications. Aerospace 2016, 3, 15
  13. Parameter selection in synchronous and asynchronous deterministic particle swarm optimization for ship hydrodynamics problems
  14. Ship hydrodynamic optimization by local hybridization of deterministic derivative-free global algorithms
  15. Wall pressure fluctuations in hypersonic boundary layer: a strategy to design the passive noise control systems
  16. Theoretical and Numerical Modeling of Acoustic Metamaterials for Aeroacoustic Applications
  17. A variable-accuracy metamodel-based architecture for global MDO under uncertainty
  18. Multi-disciplinary, community-oriented design of low-noise aircraft: the COSMA project
  19. Derivative-free global ship design optimization using global/local hybridization of the DIRECT algorithm
  20. Human response to simulated airport noise scenarios in home-like environments
  21. Meshless Numerical Solution of Boundary Integral Equations based on Non Uniform Rational Basis-Splines
  22. Characterization of the gas–magmatic outflow at a volcanic vent through integral-equation based inverse acoustics
  23. Globally Convergent Hybridization of Particle Swarm Optimization Using Line Search-Based Derivative-Free Techniques
  24. Development and validation of a dynamic metamodel based on stochastic radial basis functions and uncertainty quantification
  25. A Proposal of PSO Particles’ Initialization for Costly Unconstrained Optimization Problems: ORTHOinit
  26. Erratum to ‘An integral equation approach to acoustic cloaking’ [Journal of Sound and Vibration (2012) 4629–4643]
  27. An integral equation approach to acoustic cloaking
  28. Multidisciplinary conceptual design optimization of aircraft using a sound-matching-based objective function
  29. Preliminary Design of Aero-Engine Intake Acoustic Liners by Means of the Multi-Objective Approach
  30. On the use of a SIMD vector extension for the fast evaluation of Boundary Element Method coefficients
  31. Coons, Hermite, and Guyan: A Highly Efficient High Frequency Finite Element
  32. Power-Spectral-Density Boundary-to-Field Transfer Function
  33. On the sound generated by boundary‐layer vorticity
  34. Singing Integrals or wind instruments modeling using Boundary Integral Equations
  35. On the Vorticity Generated Sound: A Transpiration-Velocity/Power-Spectral-Density Approach
  36. Robust Optimization of Aircraft Life-cycle Costs Including the Cost of Community Noise
  37. A Sound-Matching-Based Approach for Aircraft Noise Annoyance Alleviation Via MDO
  38. Prediction of Sound Scattered by Moving Bodies with Applications to Propeller-Driven Airplanes
  39. Optimal Conceptual Design of Aircraft Including Community Noise Prediction
  40. Digital holography and Karhunen–Loève decomposition for the modal analysis of two-dimensional vibrating structures
  41. A boundary-field integral equation for analysis of cavity acoustic spectrum
  42. An Extended Karhunen-Loève Decomposition for Modal Identification of Inhomogeneous Structures
  43. Reduced-order modeling for linearized aeroelasticity of fixed wings in transonic flight
  44. Community Noise Impact on the Conceptual Design of Innovative Aircraft Configurations
  45. Community Noise Considerations in Multidisciplinary Optimization for Preliminary Design of Innovative Configurations
  46. Aeroacoustoelasticity in state-space format using CHIEF regularization
  47. BEM-based Modelling for Acoustic Analysis of Launcher Fairings
  48. Chief regularization approach for aeroacoustoelastic modeling in state-space format
  49. Aeroacoustoelastic modeling for cabin noise alleviation in propeller-driven aircraft
  50. Integrated aeroacoustoelastic modeling for the analysis of the propeller-driven cabin noise
  51. Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of wings and rotors via BEM - unsteady, transonic, and viscous effects
  52. High-order BEM for potential transonic flows
  54. BEM for aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of rotors in subsonic/transonic forward flight
  55. A finite state BEM method for acoustoaeroelasticity of shells
  56. Finite-State Acoustoaeroelasticity