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  1. A critical perspective on industry involvement in higher education learning: Enhancing graduates’ knowledge and skills for job creation in Nigeria
  2. Career training with mentoring programs in higher education
  3. Does PhD qualification improve pedagogical competence? A study on teaching and training in higher education
  4. Improving graduate outcomes
  5. Enhancing graduate employability: Why do higher education institutions have problems with teaching generic skills?
  6. Room for improvement: A study of overconfidence in numerical skills among British graduates
  7. Towards a responsible entrepreneurship education and the future of the workforce
  8. Graduate employability
  9. Reclaiming education: Rising above examination malpractices, and its contextual factors on study progress in Nigeria
  10. Improving graduate outcomes for technical colleges in Nigeria
  11. Improvement needs of Nigerian technical college teachers in teaching vocational and technical subjects
  12. Relevance of Entrepreneurship in TVET
  13. TVET in Developing Nations and Human Development
  14. Technical Education and Vocational Training in Developing Nations