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  1. Sneeze and pop: a ruptured varicocele; analysis of literature, guided by a well-documented case-report
  2. Open epididymal spermatozoa aspiration for obstructive azoospermia
  3. Penile intraepithelial neoplasia: Nomenclature, incidence and progression to malignancy in the Netherlands
  4. Treating benign ureteroenteric strictures: 27-year experience comparing endourological techniques with open surgical approach
  5. Rare locations of prostate metastses
  6. α-blockers as medical expulsive therapy for ureteric stones: a Cochrane systematic review
  7. Alpha-blockers as medical expulsive therapy for ureteral stones
  8. Urothelial carcinoma in an orthotopic neobladder: an unusual pattern of recurrence and metastasis
  9. Radiation dose reduction for CT assessment of urolithiasis using iterative reconstruction: A prospective intra-individual study
  10. Polypoid arteriovenous malformation of the ureter mimicking a fibroepithelial polyp, a case report
  11. Dusting or fragmentation during URS for renal stones?
  12. Electroejaculation in patients with spinal cord injuries: A 21-year, single-center experience
  13. Semen cryopreservation and usage rate for assisted reproductive technology in 898 men with cancer
  14. Rare case of urinary tract infections and the “forgotten” solution
  15. Prospective double-blind preoperative pain clinic screening before microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord in patients with testicular pain syndrome
  16. The Wallstent: long‐term follow‐up of metal stent placement for the treatment of benign ureteroileal anastomotic strictures after Bricker urinary diversion
  17. Electroejaculation in psychogenic anejaculation
  18. Angiosarcoma of the prostate: a more frequent finding in the future owing to radiotherapy? A literature review with treatment implications based on a case report
  19. Alpha-blockers as medical expulsive therapy for ureteral stones
  20. Comparing thulium laser and Nd:YAG laser in the treatment of genital and urethral condylomata acuminata in male patients
  21. Alphafetoprotein in the Dutch External Quality Assurance programme: a need for improvement
  22. Ethics of intergenerational (father-to-son) sperm donation
  23. Re: Semirigid Ureteroscopy for Ureteral Stones: A Multivariate Analysis of Unfavorable Results
  24. Re: Medical Expulsive Therapy as an Adjunct to Improve Shockwave Lithotripsy Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (From Schuler TD, Shahani R, Honey RJ, and Pace KT. J Endourol 2009; 23:387–393)
  25. Arterioureteral Fistulas: Unusual Suspects—Systematic Review of 139 Cases
  26. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Factors Associated with Fever After the First Postoperative Day and Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
  27. Holmium Laser Lithotripsy for Ureteral Calculi: Predictive Factors for Complications and Success
  28. Effect of Testosterone Supplementation on Functional Mobility, Cognition, and Other Parameters in Older Men