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  1. A Small Intergenic Region of lp17 is Required for Evasion of Adaptive Immunity and Induction of Pathology by the Lyme Disease Spirochete
  2. Cis -acting DNA elements flanking the variable major protein expression site of Borrelia hermsii are required for murine persistence
  3. Investigating the potential role of non-vls genes on linear plasmid 28–1 in virulence and persistence by Borrelia burgdorferi
  4. Characterization of a DNA Adenine Methyltransferase Gene of Borrelia hermsii and Its Dispensability for Murine Infection and Persistence
  5. Antigenic Variation in Bacterial Pathogens
  6. Role of the VlsE Lipoprotein in Immune Avoidance by the Lyme Disease Spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi
  7. Evaluation of the Importance of VlsE Antigenic Variation for the Enzootic Cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi
  8. Use of in vivo Expression Technology for the Identification of Putative Host Adaptation Factors of the Lyme Disease Spirochete
  9. Bacterial Heterogeneity Is a Requirement for Host Superinfection by the Lyme Disease Spirochete
  10. Characterization of the North American beaver (Castor canadensis) papillomavirus genome
  11. Presence of Arp Specifically Contributes to Joint Tissue Edema Associated with Early-Onset Lyme Arthritis
  12. Variable VlsE Is Critical for Host Reinfection by the Lyme Disease Spirochete
  13. Altered Murine Tissue Colonization by Borrelia burgdorferi following Targeted Deletion of Linear Plasmid 17-Carried Genes
  14. Antigenic Variation of VlsE in Borrelia burgdorferi
  15. ‘Nothing is permanent but change’†- antigenic variation in persistent bacterial pathogens
  16. Real-Time 3D Imaging of Lyme Disease Bacterium's Vascular Interactions in a Living Host
  17. The role of VlsE antigenic variation in the Lyme disease spirochete: persistence through a mechanism that differs from other pathogens
  18. Unexpected twist: harnessing the energy in positive supercoils to control telomere resolution
  19. Differential Telomere Processing by Borrelia Telomere Resolvases In Vitro but Not In Vivo
  20. Mixing active-site components: A recipe for the unique enzymatic activity of a telomere resolvase
  21. Mutations at Residues 282, 286, and 293 of Phage λ Integrase Exert Pathway-Specific Effects on Synapsis and Catalysis in Recombination
  22. Characterization of a Mutation of Bacteriophage λ Integrase
  23. The Amino Terminus of Bacteriophage λ Integrase Is Involved in Protein-Protein Interactions during Recombination