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  1. Pushing the frontiers of Nigeria’s cultural communication through digital media practice
  2. Visuality and socio-political communication in Nigeria’s banknote portraits
  3. Visualizing the discourse in Material Thinking: Conversations between China and South Africa, Chen Qingqing, Feng Jiali, Gu Lin, Liu Liguo, Qi Zhilong, Qing Taimao, Wang Xiaojin and Zhong Biao (China); William Kentridge, Diane Victor, Colbert Mashile, ...
  4. Of Printmaking, Creativity and Studio Practice: A Dialogue with Malcolm Christian, Caverhsam Press
  5. A creative communication on ecological issues in Nigeria
  6. Nkoli Ka: Nsukka School after 50 (and the collective visual communication)
  7. Visual Language and ‘Paintaglios’ of Gerald Chukwuma: A Critical Analysis