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  1. A high-order weighted compact nonlinear scheme for compressible flows
  2. Effects of fuel injection speed on supersonic combustion using separation-resistant struts
  3. How the circulation and axial velocity deficit in Batchelor vortices affect their disturbance growth?
  4. Helicity effects on inviscid instability in Batchelor vortices
  5. Development of linear unstable modes in supersonic streamwise vortices using a weighted compact nonlinear scheme
  6. On the rapid breakdown of supersonic streamwise vortices with opposite sign double annular vorticity
  7. Shockwave effects on supersonic combustion using hypermixer struts
  8. Compressibility effects of supersonic Batchelor vortices
  9. Development of specific structures occurring from hyper-breakable vorticity
  10. Onset conditions for vortex breakdown in supersonic flows
  11. Streamwise vortex breakdown in supersonic flows
  12. Theoretical analysis of streamwise vortex circulation induced by a strut injector
  13. Effects of streamwise vortex breakdown on supersonic combustion
  14. Instability of isolated hollow vortices with zero circulation
  15. Stability of compressible streamwise vortices
  16. A factor involved in efficient breakdown of supersonic streamwise vortices
  17. Spatial evolution of supersonic streamwise vortices
  18. Criterion for vortex breakdown on shock wave and streamwise vortex interactions
  19. Linear stability analysis on supersonic streamwise vortices