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  1. Detection of Ocean Internal Tide Source Oscillations on the Slope of Aogashima Island, Japan
  2. Eddes and topography makes the quasi-stationary jet in the subarctic North Pacific Ocean
  3. Low ocean-floor rises regulate subpolar sea surface temperature by forming baroclinic jets
  4. Systematic Errors in South Asian Monsoon Simulation: Importance of Equatorial Indian Ocean Processes
  5. Assimilation of high-resolution sea surface temperature data into an operational nowcast/forecast system around Japan using a multi-scale three-dimensional variational scheme
  6. Assimilation of the seabird and ship drift data in the north-eastern sea of Japan into an operational ocean nowcast/forecast system
  7. M2baroclinic tide variability modulated by the ocean circulation south of Japan
  8. Oceanic fronts and jets around Japan: a review
  9. Marine atmospheric boundary layer and low-level cloud responses to the Kuroshio Extension front in the early summer of 2012: three-vessel simultaneous observations and numerical simulations
  10. Oceanic dispersion simulation of perfluoroalkyl substances in the Western North Pacific associated with the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011
  11. Impacts of the Oyashio Temperature Front on the Regional Climate
  12. Impacts of a warming marginal sea on torrential rainfall organized under the Asian summer monsoon
  13. Short-term fluctuations south of Japan and their relationship with the Kuroshio path: 8- to 36-day fluctuations
  14. Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on Westerlies over the Western Pacific Warm Pool: Case Study of an Event in 2001/02
  15. Seasonal and interannual variation in the cross-equatorial meridional currents observed in the eastern Indian Ocean
  16. Data Assimilation of the High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Obtained from the Aqua-Terra Satellites (MODIS-SST) Using an Ensemble Kalman Filter
  17. Inverse estimation of source parameters of oceanic radioactivity dispersion models associated with the Fukushima accident
  18. Structure and dynamics of the sudden acceleration of Kuroshio off Cape Shionomisaki
  19. Transport simulation of the radionuclide from the shelf to open ocean around Fukushima
  20. A striking early-summer event of a convective rainband persistent along the warm Kuroshio in the East China Sea
  21. Open and coastal seas interactions south of Japan represented by an ensemble Kalman filter
  22. Intraseasonal variability in the far-east pacific: investigation of the role of air–sea coupling in a regional coupled model
  23. Estimating allowable carbon emission for CO2concentration stabilization using a GCM-based Earth system model
  24. Vertical Mixing in the Ocean and Its Impact on the Coupled Ocean–Atmosphere System in the Eastern Tropical Pacific*
  25. Damping of Tropical Instability Waves caused by the action of surface currents on stress
  26. Development of a four-dimensional variational coupled data assimilation system for enhanced analysis and prediction of seasonal to interannual climate variations
  27. Influences of Atlantic Climate Change on the Tropical Pacific via the Central American Isthmus*
  28. Interactions between the Indonesian Throughflow and circulations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  29. What Maintains the SST Front North of the Eastern Pacific Equatorial Cold Tongue?*
  30. A Regional Ocean–Atmosphere Model for Eastern Pacific Climate: Toward Reducing Tropical Biases*
  31. A simple diagnostic calculation of marine stratocumulus cloud cover for use in general circulation models
  32. Dynamics of Biweekly Oscillations in the Equatorial Indian Ocean*
  33. Effect of shallow cumulus convection on the eastern Pacific climate in a coupled model
  34. Pathways and variability of the Antarctic Intermediate Water in the western equatorial Pacific Ocean
  35. Structure and dynamics of the Indian-Ocean cross-equatorial cell
  36. Wavelet Analysis and Ocean Modeling: A Dynamically Adaptive Numerical Method “WOFD-AHO”
  37. A Lagrangian approach to the seasonal variation of salinity in the mixed layer of the Indonesian Seas
  38. Study of seasonal transport variations in the Indonesian seas