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  1. Day‐to‐day variations in daily rest periods between working days and recovery from fatigue among information technology workers: One‐month observational study using a fatigue app
  2. Cross‐sectional Internet‐based survey of Japanese permanent daytime workers’ sleep and daily rest periods
  3. Impact of Daily Rest Period on Resting Blood Pressure and Fatigue
  4. Cross-sectional associations between daily rest periods during weekdays and psychological distress, non-restorative sleep, fatigue, and work performance among information technology workers
  5. Fatigue and Sleep Among Employees With Prospective Increase in Work Time Control
  6. Development of the Career Anchors Scale among Occupational Health Nurses in Japan
  7. Exploring career anchors among occupational health nurses in Japan: A qualitative study
  8. Self-awakening improves alertness in the morning and during the day after partial sleep deprivation
  9. Effects on employees of controlling working hours and working schedules
  10. How are Leisure Activity and Shiftwork Schedule Associated with Recovery from Fatigue in Shiftwork Nurses?
  11. Effects of cumulative sleep restriction on self‐perceptions while multitasking
  12. Sleep, Fatigue, Recovery, and Depression After Change in Work Time Control
  13. Weekend sleep intervention for workers with habitually short sleep periods
  14. Worktime control-dependent reductions in fatigue, sleep problems, and depression
  16. Brief Hourly Exercise during Night Work can Help Maintain Workers' Performance
  17. Interactive Model of Subsidiary Behaviors, Work Performance and Autonomic Nerve Activity during Visual Display Terminal Work
  18. Characterizing Recovery of Sleep after Four Successive Night Shifts
  19. Effects of Adjustable Sit-stand VDT Workstations on Workers' Musculoskeletal Discomfort, Alertness and Performance
  20. Characteristic Patterns of Fatigue Feelings on Four Simulated Consecutive Night Shifts by “Jikaku-sho Shirabe”
  21. Impact of Nap Length, Nap Timing and Sleep Quality on Sustaining Early Morning Performance
  22. The Nighttime Nap Strategies for Improving Night Shift Work in Workplace