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  1. The potential stigmatizing effect of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  2. Russia and the West
  3. Deep cooperation by Belgian defence: absorbing the impact of declining defence budgets on national capabilities
  4. The EU as a Coercive Diplomatic Actor? The EU-3 Initiative towards Iran
  5. A new push towards nuclear disarmament: the humanitarian approach
  6. The nuclear security discourse: Proliferation vs disarmament concerns
  7. Ceci n'est pas une…American nuclear weapon in Belgium
  8. Easing sanctions on Iran might someday be necessary—but it won’t be easy
  9. Nuclear elimination with or without missile defence?
  10. De vlaamse vredesbeweging na de Koude Oorlog:gewogen en vederlicht bevonden.
  11. U.S. tactical nuclear weapons: A European perspective
  12. A Second Nuclear Revolution: From Nuclear Primacy to Post-Existential Deterrence
  13. Struggling on the World Scene: An Over-ambitious EU versus a Committed Iran
  14. Coercive diplomacy by the EU: the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis
  15. The Short Shadow of U.S. Primacy?
  16. The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime in Crisis
  17. The “Americanization” of EU nuclear non‐proliferation policy
  18. Back to arms control: limiting US national missile defence
  19. Missile Defense: Wrong in too many ways
  20. Nuclear Arms Control
  21. Nuclear Deterrence Revisited
  22. Nuclear Deterrence and Nuclear Proliferation in the Post-Cold War Period
  23. Nuclear Arms Control in the Future: Heading Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World
  24. Conclusion
  25. The EU as a Coercive Diplomatic Actor? The EU-3 Initiative towards Iran