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  1. Lion's mane jellyfish sting
  2. The Caladrius (1200–1300)
  3. A review of ketorolac as a prehospital analgesic
  4. Long thoracic nerve of
  5. Fascia iliaca compartment block: a short how-to guide
  6. Atropa Belladonna: William Curtis (1777)
  7. Diagnosis in art: Dr Dorothy Hodgkin (1910–1994)
  8. A qualitative exploration of current paramedic cardiac auscultation practices
  9. A review of ketorolac as a prehospital analgesic
  10. Limited Diagnostic Potential of Diagonal Earlobe Crease
  11. Frank's Sign as a clinical marker of cardiovascular disease
  12. Frank's Sign: Diagonal Earlobe Crease
  13. Ruins of a WWI Hospital, Falzarego, The Dolomites, Italy
  14. Prevention, assessment and management of altitude sickness
  15. Understanding the correct assessment and management of lightning injuries
  16. Kapalleki, Doti, Nepal
  17. Interprofessional placement: was it beneficial?
  18. Anaesthesia trauma and critical care course
  19. Wilderness medicine: a fellowship programme
  20. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  21. Prehospital cardiac auscultation: friend or foe?