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  1. Does real-life violence in the media predict aggressive behavior?
  2. Emerging Technologies and International Stability
  3. Emerging technologies and strategic stability in peacetime, crisis, and war
  4. Sizing Up the Adversary
  5. Military Technology and the Duration of Civil Conflict
  6. Nuclear Weapons and Coercive Diplomacy
  7. Sharing the bomb: how foreign nuclear deployments shape nonproliferation and deterrence
  8. Reputations and Signaling in Coercive Bargaining
  9. Signaling Alliance Commitments: Hand‐Tying and Sunk Costs in Extended Nuclear Deterrence
  10. Nuclear Strategy, Nonproliferation, and the Causes of Foreign Nuclear Deployments
  11. Crisis Bargaining and Nuclear Blackmail
  12. The Illusion of Democratic Credibility
  13. Militarized Compellent Threats, 1918–2001
  14. Goliath's Curse: Coercive Threats and Asymmetric Power
  15. The Army You Have: The Determinants of Military Mechanization, 1979-2001
  16. Are Soldiers Less War-Prone than Statesmen?