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  1. From the physics of gases to the evolution of genes
  2. Mechanisms of protein secretion and protein folding in baker's yeast
  3. Hundreds of yeast mRNAs form a separately addressable, translation elongation-controlled regulon
  4. Measuring forces of evolution
  5. Origins of robustness in translational control via eukaryotic translation initiation factor (eIF) 2
  6. Codon-Dependent Translational Accuracy Controls Protein Quality in Escherichia coli but not in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  7. RTN3 Is a Novel Cold-Induced Protein and Mediates Neuroprotective Effects of RBM3
  8. Acquired resistance to oxaliplatin is not directly associated with increased resistance to DNA damage in SK-N-ASrOXALI4000, a newly established oxaliplatin-resistant sub-line of the neuroblastoma cell line SK-N-AS
  9. The control of translational accuracy is a determinant of healthy ageing in yeast
  10. Inappropriate expression of the translation elongation factor 1A disrupts genome stability and metabolism
  11. Hijacked then lost in translation: the plight of the recombinant host cell in membrane protein structural biology projects
  12. Translation initiation factor eIF3 promotes programmed stop codon readthrough
  13. New insights into stop codon recognition by eRF1
  14. Synonymous codons, ribosome speed, and eukaryotic gene expression regulation
  15. Charting the dynamics of translation
  16. Fungal RNA Biology
  17. Translation elongation can control translation initiation on eukaryotic mRNAs
  18. Translation Initiation Factors eIF3 and HCR1 Control Translation Termination and Stop Codon Read-Through in Yeast Cells
  19. The influence of training status, age, and muscle fiber type on cycling efficiency and endurance performance
  20. Specialized Yeast Ribosomes: A Customized Tool for Selective mRNA Translation
  21. Experimental and In Silico Modelling Analyses of the Gene Expression Pathway for Recombinant Antibody and By-Product Production in NS0 Cell Lines
  22. The architecture of eukaryotic translation
  24. A novel and versatile computational tool to model translation
  25. The role of tRNA and ribosome competition in coupling the expression of different mRNAs in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  26. Decoding accuracy in eRF1 mutants and its correlation with pleiotropic quantitative traits in yeast
  27. Identification of the limitations on recombinant gene expression in CHO cell lines with varying luciferase production rates
  28. A quantitative estimation of the global translational activity in logarithmically growing yeast cells
  29. tRNA and protein methylase complexes mediate zymocin toxicity in yeast
  30. Optimized Protein Extraction for Quantitative Proteomics of Yeasts
  31. Reconfiguration of yeast 40S ribosomal subunit domains by the translation initiation multifactor complex
  32. Regulated translational bypass of stop codons in yeast
  33. Repressor binding to a dorsal regulatory site traps human eIF4E in a high cap-affinity state