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  1. Initial titration for people with type 1 diabetes using an artificial pancreas
  2. How to coordinate vaccination and social distancing to mitigate SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks
  3. Nonlinear model reduction of dynamical power grid models using quadratization and balanced truncation
  4. Efficient Computation of the Continuous-Discrete Extended Kalman Filter Sensitivities Applied to Maximum Likelihood Estimation
  5. Model Predictive Control of the Blood Glucose Concentration for Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Units
  6. Economic Optimal Control of a U-loop Bioreactor using Simultaneous Collocation-based Approaches
  7. State and Input Estimation of Nonlinear Chromatographic Processes
  8. The Extended Kalman Filter for Nonlinear State Estimation in a U-loop Bioreactor
  9. Dynamic optimization of thermodynamically rigorous models of multiphase flow in porous subsurface oil reservoirs
  10. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Disturbance Rejection in Isoenergetic-isochoric Flash Processes
  11. Production Optimization Of Thermodynamically Rigorous Isothermal And Compositional Models
  12. Nonlinear Filters for State Estimation of UV Flash Processes
  13. An algorithm for gradient-based dynamic optimization of UV flash processes
  14. Computation of Phase Equilibrium in Reservoir Simulation and Optimization ⁎ ⁎This project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark in the OPTION project (63-2013-3) and by EUDP in the IEA project ”Energy Efficient Process Control”.
  15. Production Optimization of a Rigorous Thermal and Compositional Reservoir Flow Model ⁎ ⁎This project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark in the OPTION project (63-2013-3).
  16. The Extended Kalman Filter for State Estimation of Dynamic UV Flash Processes ⁎ ⁎This project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark in the OPTION project (63-2013-3).
  17. A Thermodynamic Library for Simulation and Optimization of Dynamic Processes * *This project is funded partly by: 1) Innovation Fund Denmark in the CITIES project (1305-00027B) and in the OPTION project (63-2013-3), 2) the interreg project Smart Cities...
  18. An efficient and rigorous thermodynamic library and optimal-control of a cryogenic air separation unit
  19. Economic Optimizing Control for Single-Cell Protein Production in a U-Loop Reactor
  20. The Adjoint Method for Gradient-based Dynamic Optimization of UV Flash Processes