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  1. Imaging Room and Beyond: The Underlying Economics Behind Physicians’ Test-Ordering Behavior in Outpatient Services
  2. Automated Multilateral Negotiation on Multiple Issues with Private Information
  3. Researchers Suggest Remedies to Fix Flaws in Flu Vaccine Supply Chain
  4. Technical Note—Impact of Inventory on Quota-Bonus Contracts with Rent Sharing
  5. Incentives in U.S. Healthcare Operations
  6. An Overview of Argumentation-Based Negotiation Theory and Decision Support Systems
  7. Salesforce Compensation with Inventory Considerations
  8. Toward a Unified Negotiation Framework: Leveraging Strengths in Behavioral and Computational Communities
  9. Automated Bilateral Multiple-issue Negotiation with No Information About Opponent
  10. Equity-Based Incentives and Supply Chain Buy-Back Contracts*
  11. Modeling Power Distance and Individualism/Collectivism in Negotiation Team Dynamics
  12. An acquisition policy for a multi-supplier system with a finite-time horizon