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  1. The Science of Reading Instruction
  2. Disciplinary Literacy
  3. Why You Need to Be Careful About Visible Learning
  4. Reading Research: The Importance of Replication
  5. Shanahan on Literacy
  6. What Teachers Should Know About Common Core
  7. Let's Get Higher Scores on These New Assessments
  8. Developing Literacy in English Language Learners: Findings From a Review of the Experimental Research
  9. Does Disciplinary Literacy Have a Place in Elementary School?
  10. The Implications of Disciplinary Literacy
  11. What Is Disciplinary Literacy and Why Does It Matter?
  12. Analysis of Expert Readers in Three Disciplines
  13. Response to a Review and Update on Developing Literacy in Second-language Learners: Report of the National Literacy Panel on Language Minority Children and Youth
  14. Developing Early Literacy Skills
  15. English Language Learners: Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners—Report of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth
  16. Literacy Across the Lifespan: What Works?
  17. Teaching Disciplinary Literacy to Adolescents: Rethinking Content- Area Literacy
  18. But Does it Really Matter?
  19. Phonemic Awareness Instruction Helps Children Learn to Read: Evidence From the National Reading Panel's Meta-Analysis
  20. Parental Self-Efficacy and Social Support as Predictors of Parenting Practices and Children's Socioemotional Adjustment in Mexican Immigrant Families
  21. Reading and Writing Relations and Their Development
  22. Chapter 6: On the Effectiveness and Limitations of Tutoring in Reading
  23. Literacy Research That Makes a Difference
  24. Reading Recovery: An Independent Evaluation of the Effects of an Early Instructional Intervention for At-Risk Learners
  25. Good and Poor Elementary Readers' Use of Cohesion in Writing
  27. A Profile of Learning Disabled Twelfth-Graders in Regular Classes
  28. An analysis and comparison of theoretical models of the reading€“writing relationship.
  29. A descriptive analysis of high school seniors with speech disabilities
  30. Learning Disabled 10th Graders in Mainstreamed Settings: A Descriptive Analysis
  31. Nature of the reading-writing relation: An exploratory multivariate analysis.
  32. Cloze as a Measure of Intersentential Comprehension
  33. The impact of writing instruction on learning to read
  34. Translating Research into Practice