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  1. Ways to reduce harassment faced by CA public health leaders in their roles responding to COVID-19
  2. Interruptions in Routine Blood Pressure Screening Among Local Health Departments During COVID-19
  3. Physician Assistants’ Training and Self-Perceived Competencies to Work with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
  4. Toward eliminating health disparities in PA practice
  5. U.S. communities had limited access to public health drug prevention services during the pandemic
  6. Public health staff harassed during COVID-19 report worse mental health, and intentions to leave job
  7. The Role of Interpersonal Toxicity on Healthcare Students’ Well-Being
  8. Diversity in the Physician Assistant Pipeline: Experiences and Barriers in Admissions and PA School
  9. PAs' skills in providing vision and ocular care
  10. Untapped Potential: Local Health Departments' Involvement in Behavioral Health Preparedness Planning and Recovery Through a Population Behavioral Health Framework
  11. Depression, burnout, and professional outcomes among PAs
  12. PAs and domestic violence education
  13. Reexamining the persisting wage gap between male and female PAs
  14. Physician Assistants in Ophthalmology: A National Survey
  15. Physician Assistant Students' Competency to Identify and Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder
  16. Improving health disparities in PA practices
  17. PAs are a solution to the growing need for clinicians to treat an aging population
  18. Burnout, job satisfaction, and stress levels of PAs
  19. The Evolution of a Series of Impression Formation Experiments: A Methods Case Study
  20. Compensation disparities between male and female PAs
  21. PA use of flexibility in specialty, role, employer, and setting choice
  22. PAs in healthcare administration
  23. Examining the Gap: Compensation Disparities between Male and Female Physician Assistants
  24. On being judged by the company you keep: The effects of group consensus and target behavior on impressions of individual group members