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  1. The future of health, wellbeing and physical education: optimising children’s health through local and global community partnerships
  2. Primary physical education (PE): School leader perceptions about classroom teacher quality implementation
  3. What is physical literacy?
  4. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Promoting health and well-being through physical education partnerships
  5. The Future of Health, Wellbeing and Physical Education
  6. Partnerships Work: Continuing the Success in Swimming and Water Safety
  7. Overcoming Barriers and Problem Solving
  8. Making Sense of the Big Picture: What the Literature Says
  9. Introduction
  10. Global Insights and Support
  11. Global Community Partnership Research
  12. Developing Local Partnerships in HPE (Win, Win, Win)
  13. Creating Local Pathways in University Teacher Education: Planting the Seed
  14. Context of Partnerships
  15. Conclusion and Recommendations
  16. Benefitting from National Initiatives: Tennis Australia ‘Hot Shots’
  17. Australian Aquatic Curriculum Reform: Treading Water Carefully?
  18. Physical Education
  19. How does a physical education teacher become a health and physical education teacher?
  20. Health and physical education (HPE): Implementation in primary schools
  21. Australian curriculum reform II
  22. Investigating Children’s Spiritual Experiences through the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Learning Area in Australian Schools
  23. School Centres for Teaching Excellence (SCTE): understanding new directions for schools and universities in Health and Physical Education
  24. Exploring Religious Education and Health and Physical Education Key Learning Area Connections in Primary Schools