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  1. Development of Data Assimilation Systems for the Ionosphere, Thermosphere, and Mesosphere
  2. A 4D-Var-based new global ionosphere electron density assimilation model
  4. Assessing a calibration and data assimilation technique for predicting multi-level global thermospheric neutral density fields
  5. New datasets from CHAMP, GRACE, and GRACE-FO satellite missions
  6. How can space-borne along-track neutral density measurements be used to predict multi-level global thermospheric neutral density fields?
  7. Imaging the 3D Ionosphere by Global-Scale Tomography
  8. Data assimilation in ionosphere-thermosphere during geomagnetic storm times
  9. Improving the ionospheric state estimate during geomagnetic storm time through assimilation of neutral density data
  10. Calibration and data assimilation to improve the accuracy of thermosphere and ionosphere forecasts
  11. Using Data Assimilation to Understand the Systematic Errors of CHAMP Accelerometer-Derived Neutral Mass Density Data
  12. Ionospheric Tomography
  13. Assimilate electron density to forecast the ionosphere and thermosphere
  14. The Impact of Solar Activity on Forecasting the Upper Atmosphere via Assimilation of Electron Density Data
  15. The impact of severe storms on forecasting the Ionosphere-Thermosphere system through the assimilation of SWARM-derived neutral mass density into physics-based models
  16. Forecasting of the Upper Atmosphere via Assimilation of Electron Density Data
  17. Forecasting of the Thermosphere via Assimilating Electron Density and Temperature Data
  18. Density‐Temperature Synchrony in the Hydrostatic Thermosphere
  19. New Swarm-C thermospheric densities compared to physical and empirical model estimates