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  1. Manifestations, responses, and consequences of mistreatment of sick newborns and young infants and their parents in health facilities in Kenya
  2. Measuring mistreatment of women throughout the birthing process: implications for quality of care assessments
  3. Impact of Integrated Services on HIV Testing: A Nonrandomized Trial among Kenyan Family Planning Clients
  4. Manifestations and drivers of mistreatment of women during childbirth in Kenya: implications for measurement and developing interventions
  5. Use of HIV counseling and testing and family planning services among postpartum women in Kenya: a multicentre, non-randomised trial
  6. The effect of a multi-component intervention on disrespect and abuse during childbirth in Kenya
  7. Family planning use and fertility desires among women living with HIV in Kenya
  8. Community-level effect of the reproductive health vouchers program on out-of-pocket spending on family planning and safe motherhood services in Kenya
  9. A cross sectional comparison of postnatal care quality in facilities participating in a maternal health voucher program versus non-voucher facilities in Kenya
  10. Does a voucher program improve reproductive health service delivery and access in Kenya?
  11. Exploring the Prevalence of Disrespect and Abuse during Childbirth in Kenya
  12. Can Reproductive Health Voucher Programs Improve Quality of Postnatal Care? A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Kenya’s Safe Motherhood Voucher Scheme
  13. Historical account of the national health insurance formulation in Kenya: experiences from the past decade
  14. Defining disrespect and abuse of women in childbirth: a research, policy and rights agenda
  15. The policy-practice gap: describing discordances between regulation on paper and real-life practices among specialized drug shops in Kenya
  16. Exploring experiences in peer mentoring as a strategy for capacity building in sexual reproductive health and HIV service integration in Kenya
  17. Assessing the population-level impact of vouchers on access to health facility delivery for women in Kenya
  18. Safe motherhood voucher programme coverage of health facility deliveries among poor women in South-western Uganda
  19. An assessment of opportunities and challenges for public sector involvement in the maternal health voucher program in Uganda
  20. Community experiences and perceptions of reproductive health vouchers in Kenya
  21. Family planning practices and pregnancy intentions among HIV-positive and HIV-negative postpartum women in Swaziland: a cross sectional survey
  22. Population-level impact of vouchers on access to health facility delivery for women in Kenya: a quasi-experimental study
  23. A Policy Analysis of the implementation of a Reproductive Health Vouchers Program in Kenya
  24. Exploring the effectiveness of the output-based aid voucher program to increase uptake of gender-based violence recovery services in Kenya: A qualitative evaluation
  25. Evaluation of the impact of the voucher and accreditation approach on improving reproductive health behaviors and status in Kenya
  26. Factors influencing implementation of the Ministry of Health-led private medicine retailer programmes on malaria in Kenya
  27. Evaluating Different Dimensions of Programme Effectiveness for Private Medicine Retailer Malaria Control Interventions in Kenya
  28. Importance of strategic management in the implementation of private medicine retailer programmes: case studies from three districts in Kenya
  29. Reviewing the literature on access to prompt and effective malaria treatment in Kenya: implications for meeting the Abuja targets
  30. Use of over-the-counter malaria medicines in children and adults in three districts in Kenya: implications for private medicine retailer interventions
  31. The difference between effectiveness and efficacy of antimalarial drugs in Kenya