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  1. Conflict over resources generates conflict over mate choice: reply to Smaldino and Newson
  2. The evolution of decision rules in complex environments
  3. Assessments of fighting ability need not be cognitively complex
  4. The evolution of parent–offspring conflict over mate choice
  5. Generalized Optimal Risk Allocation: Foraging and Antipredator Behavior in a Fluctuating Environment
  6. When is it adaptive to be patient? A general framework for evaluating delayed rewards
  7. Is optimism optimal? Functional causes of apparent behavioural biases
  8. Are high-quality mates always attractive? State-dependent mate preferences in birds and humans
  9. Intergenerational conflict over grandparental investment
  10. Learning your own strength: winner and loser effects should change with age and experience
  11. Sexual Selection: Copycat Mating in Birds
  12. A test of imitative learning in starlings using a two-action method with an enhanced ghost control