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  1. Territoriality, Conflict and Citizenship in the India-Myanmar Borderlands
  2. Sanjib Baruah, In the Name of the Nation: India and its Northeast, Stanford University Press, 2020
  3. Unfolding the Manipur Riots
  4. Home and Belonging in Northeast India: Ethnic-territoriality, Conflict, and Citizenship in the India-Myanmar Borderlands
  5. Territoriality
  6. Ethnocracy in Deeply Divided Societies
  7. Traditional Ideas and Institutions of Democracy in India’s North East
  8. IV: Glimpses from villages in the Northeast: Traditional quarantine measures came alive during the COVID-19 pandemic
  9. Unwillingness to Share Power: Manipur and the ADCs Bill, 2021
  10. Artificial Intelligence and Endangered Languages
  11. Indigenous Knowledge as Early Warning Guide in Disaster Management
  12. Everyday Racism
  13. Lingering Trauma of a Black September
  14. Nipping Opium in the Bud
  15. Tribalism & Its Tragedy
  16. Of Power and Its Extents
  17. Questioning Exclusivity of Mt. Koubru
  18. Loath to Share Power
  19. A Fraught Question in Manipur
  20. Giving in to Populism
  21. Making a Case for the Formation of Regional Councils Within Sixth Schedule Areas
  22. Voting behaviour in deeply divided societies: partisanship and ethnic voting in the hills of Manipur
  23. Escape Agriculture, Foraging Culture
  24. Mirror of the Kuki Nation (2008)
  25. From ‘Chinky’ to ‘Coronavirus’: racism against Northeast Indians during the Covid-19 pandemic
  26. Development through Trade: Re-examining India's Act East Policy and the Northeastern Region
  27. The Anglo-Kuki War, 1917–1919
  28. Breaking the spirit of the Kukis
  29. Introduction
  30. Role of CBOs in Resilience Building: Good Practices and Challenges
  31. Dereliction of Duties or the Politics of ‘Political Quadrangle’? The Governor, Hill Areas Committee and Upsurge in the Hills of Manipur
  32. Role of CBOs in Resilience Building: Good Practices and Challenges
  33. This article examines the recurrent ‘politics of indigeneity’ in Manipur.
  34. India’s Look East Policy: Prospects and Challenges for Northeast India
  35. India's Look East Policy and the Northeast
  36. The Politics of Scheduled Tribe Status in Manipur
  37. Inter-ethnic relations in Meghalaya
  38. Essays on the Kuki–Naga Conflict: A Review
  39. The Kuki-Naga Conflict In The Light Of Recent Publications
  40. Recent trends in regional integration and the Indian experience
  41. Political Integration of Northeast India: A Historical Analysis
  42. India's Look East Policy: Its Evolution and Approach
  43. Inter-Ethnic Relations in Meghalaya
  44. The Kuki Tribes of Meghalaya: A Study of their Socio-Political Problems
  45. India's Look East Policy: Prospects and Challanges for Northeast India