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  1. Obtaining diffuse scattering patterns from computer simulations – a retrospective
  2. Simulation of diffuse scattering in DL-norleucine
  3. Interpretation of diffuse scattering in the high-Tcsuperconductor HgBa2CuO4+δ
  4. Hexagonal paracrystals
  5. Diffuse scattering and partial disorder in complex structures
  6. Nanoscale Order in Molecular Systems from Single Crystal Diffuse Scattering
  7. One Hundred Years of Diffuse X-ray Scattering
  8. Reverse Monte Carlo Study of Diffuse Scattering from a Frustrated Protein System
  9. Diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder T.R. Welberry
  10. Diffuse scattering and local structure modeling in ferroelectrics
  11. Geometry and Topology of Structure in Amorphous Solids
  12. Advances in Structural Studies of Materials Using Scattering Probes
  13. Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Disorder in the Ag+ Fast Ion Conductors Pearceite and Polybasite
  14. Monte Carlo Modeling of Diffuse Scattering from Single Crystals: The Program ZMC
  15. The geometry, topology and structure of amorphous solids
  16. Pb Displacements in Pb(ZrTi)O3 (PZT)
  17. Diffuse scattering and defect structure simulations: a cook book using the program DISCUS, by Reinhard B. Neder and Thomas Proffen
  18. On the polymorphism of benzocaine; a low-temperature structural phase transition for form (II)
  19. Diffuse Scattering and Monte Carlo Studies of Relaxor Ferroelectrics
  20. Coupled orientational and displacive degrees of freedom in the high-temperature plastic phase of the carbon tetrabromide α − C Br 4
  21. Disorder in pentachloronitrobenzene, C6Cl5NO2: a diffuse scattering study
  22. Deformed Penrose tilings
  23. Chemical origin of nanoscale polar domains inPbZn1∕3Nb2∕3O3
  24. Structural phase transition in deuterated benzilC14D10O2: Neutron inelastic scattering
  25. Deformed model sets and distorted Penrose tilings
  26. Diffuse Scattering from Organic Crystals
  27. Diffuse Scattering
  28. Editorial: Diffuse Scattering
  29. Modelling disorder in 3,3′-dimethoxybenzil, C16H14O4
  30. Problems in measuring diffuse X-ray scattering
  31. Modelling disorder in 3,3′-dimethoxybenzil, C16H14O4
  32. Problems in measuring diffuse X-ray scattering
  33. Local Strain, Structured Diffuse Scattering and Oxygen/Fluorine Ordering in Transition Metal Oxyfluorides
  34. Effect of High Pressure on the Relaxor Ferroelectrics Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3(NBT) and PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3(PMN)
  35. The Importance of Multisite Correlations in Disordered Structures
  36. High-pressure x-ray scattering of oxides with a nanoscale local structure: Application to Na 1 / 2 Bi 1 / 2 TiO 3
  37. Urotropin azelate: a rather unwilling co-crystal
  38. 'Size-effect'-like distortions in quasicrystalline structures
  39. Personal reflections. Part 91
  40. Monte Carlo study of disorder in HMTA
  41. Analysis of diffuse scattering of single crystals using monte carlo methods
  42. Diffuse X-ray Scattering and Short-Range Order in Thallium Antimonyl Germanate, TlSbOGeO4
  43. FOURDEM: a demonstration program for Fourier synthesis and other crystallographic concepts
  44. Diffuse X-ray Scattering from Disordered Crystals
  45. A TEM and X-Ray Diffraction Study of some Imperfectly Ordered, "Infinitely Adaptive" Crystal Structures and the Principles Underlying their Structural Flexibility
  46. Oxygen vacancy ordering and the incommensurate structure of mullite
  47. Scattering of two-dimensional analogs of disordered lamellae
  48. Calculation of diffuse scattering from simulated disordered crystals: a comparison with optical transforms. Erratum
  49. QUASI2D: a program written to demonstrate quasiperiodicity and phason fluctuation
  50. FOURDEM: a program written as an aid to teaching the elements of Fourier synthesis and other crystallographic concepts
  51. Molecular dynamics simulation of solid biphenyl
  52. The rôle of phase in diffuse diffraction patterns and its effect on real-space structure
  53. Optical transforms of disordered systems containing symmetry-related scattering sites
  54. Diffraction from quasi-crystals and disordered twinned aggregates
  55. Local order in a dense liquid
  56. Scattering of two-dimensional models of microemulsions
  57. A study of the disordered low-temperature structure of acenaphthylene, C12H8, using semi-empirical potential-energy calculations
  58. Multi-site correlations and the atomic size effect
  59. Diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder
  60. Moiré patterns in electron diffraction from lanthanum oxide iodide (LaOI)
  61. Crystal structure of acenaphthylene, C12H8, at 80 K by neutron diffraction
  62. Routine recording of diffuse scattering from disordered molecular crystals
  63. Optical transforms of disordered molecular crystals
  64. Crystal Growth-Disorder Models and Ising Models
  65. Connections between Ising Models and Various Probability Distributions
  66. An approximation to a two-dimensional binary process
  67. A further solution for a two-dimensional model of crystal-growth disorder
  68. The effect of non-linearity on a two-dimensional model of crystal-growth disorder
  69. Short-range order in crystals
  70. Ambiguities in the interpretation of diffuse x-ray scattering
  71. The Recording and Interpretation of Diffuse X-Ray Scattering