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  1. European Central Bank׳s monetary policy decisions: A dataset of two decades of press conferences
  2. Public’s Perception of Political Parties during the 2014 Quebec Election on Twitter
  3. Technical Barriers to Trade: A Canadian Perspective on Ecolabelling
  4. EU Membership and FDI: Is There an Endogenous Credibility Effect?
  5. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Reverse Innovation
  6. Reverse Innovation: A Systematic Literature Review
  7. A network analysis of financial conversations on Twitter
  8. Entre possibilités et risques : à la recherche d’un nouvel équilibre
  9. A network analysis of financial conversations on Twitter
  10. Drivers of European Transition Countries’ External Current Accounts: An LSDVC Approach
  11. Environnement mondial et compétitivité
  12. Accords de libre-échange du XXIe siècle : une étude de l’AECG
  13. Financialisation and Financial Crisis in South-Eastern European Countries
  14. Systemic risk and financial regulations: A theoretical perspective
  15. Corporate reputation and social media: a game theory approach
  16. Gérer sa réputation à l’heure des réseaux sociaux : un nouveau défi pour les entreprises
  17. Reverse Innovation and Reverse Technology Transfer: From Made in China to Discovered in China in the Pharmaceutical Sector
  18. La viabilité des modèles sociaux européens après la crise de 2008
  19. Patterns of Specialization and (Un)conditional Convergence: The Cases of Brazil, China and India
  20. Corporate Reputation and Social Media: A Game Theory Approach
  21. Systemic Risk in the Financial Industry: 'Mimetism' for the Best and for the Worst
  22. Choice or Mimetism in the Decision to Migrate? A European Illustration
  23. Chinese interethnic marriage: passion or rational choicec
  24. Homogenous goods markets: an empirical study of price dispersion on the internet
  25. Tax competition and information sharing in Europe: a signalling game
  26. The 2008 financial crisis and Stability and Growth Pact II? Let us move on to SGP III: "A la carte"
  27. Testing Mundell's Intuition of Endogenous OCA Theory
  28. ‘Il est encore plus important de bien faire que de bien dire’ A Translation and Analysis of Dupont de Nemours’ 1788 Letter to Adam Smith
  29. European Migration: Welfare Migration or Economic Migration?
  30. Stability and Growth Pact
  31. The Stability and Growth Pact: A European Answer to the Political Budget Cycle?
  32. Stability and Growth Pact II: Incentives and Moral Hazard
  33. The Hidden Structural Features of the Fiscal Rule: A European Saga
  34. A Note on the ECB's Monetary Policy when Confronted with International Systemic Risks
  35. One Welfare State for Europe: A Costly Utopia?
  36. EMU: Optimal Fiscal Strategy and the Punishment Effectiveness
  37. A Game Theoretical Approach to Monetary Policy
  38. Global Economy Quarterly, Issue 3
  39. Price Strategies in a Big Data World
  40. Stability and Growth Pact
  41. stability and growth pact