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  1. Effect of the nanopores in the Al-Cu intermetallic phase on nanoindentation instabilities at the Al/Cu interface of a magnetic pulse impact weld
  2. Critical Evaluation of Identified Flow Curves Using Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Solutions for Compression Test
  3. An insight into the mechanical behavior of adhesively bonded plain-woven-composite joints using multiscale modeling
  4. On the complete interface development of Al/Cu magnetic pulse welding via experimental characterizations and multiphysics numerical simulations
  5. Investigation of residual stresses in planar dissimilar magnetic pulse welds by neutron diffraction
  6. High temperature in situ and ex situ study on the nucleation and early growth of intermetallics
  7. Combined numerical and experimental estimation of the fracture toughness and failure analysis of single lap shear test for dissimilar welds
  8. Corrigendum to ‘Low-velocity impact behaviors of repaired CFRP laminates: Effect of impact location and external patch configurations’[Composites Part B: Engineering 163(2019):669–680]
  9. Interface evolution during magnetic pulse welding under extremely high strain rate collision
  10. un-usual wave formation in dissimilar magnetic pulse welding
  11. Maximizing the impact-resistance of patch repaired CFRP laminates via optimization
  13. Analytical calculations for Magnetic pulse welding and magnetic pulse forming
  14. Damage mechanism of high-speed ballast impact and compression after impact for CFRP laminates
  15. Interface temperature during electromagnetic pulse welding using precipitate kinetics
  16. Parameter identifiability of ductile fracture criterion for DP steels using bi-level reduced surrogate model
  17. New physical simulation tool to predict the interface of dissimilar joints
  18. impact behaviors of repaired CFRP laminates
  19. Residual stresses in dissimilar welding
  20. Analytical design model of coil parameters for the electro-magnetic forming technology – Case of the 1-turn coil dedicated to tubular parts forming and crimping with 1D approximation
  21. Micromechanical plastic behavior of dual-phase steels
  22. Assessing the influence of fieldshaper material on magnetic pulse welded interface of Al/Cu joints
  23. metallic porous structure formation via high speed collision
  24. Joining Metal Based Hybrid Materials
  25. An insight into the low-velocity impact behavior of patch-repaired CFRP laminates using numerical and experimental approaches
  26. Coupled electromagnetic-mechanical multiphysics simulation of fatigue damage
  27. A novel development of bi-level reduced surrogate model to predict ductile fracture behaviors
  28. Cold gas dynamic spray technology: A comprehensive review of processing conditions for various technological developments till to date
  29. Failure analysis and damage modeling of precipitate strengthened Cu–Ni–Si alloy under fatigue loading
  30. Characterization of uniaxial fatigue behavior of precipitate strengthened Cu-Ni-Si alloy (SICLANIC(TM))
  31. In situ metallic porous structure formation due to ultra high heating and cooling rates during an electromagnetic pulse welding
  32. Thermal Effect during Electromagnetic Pulse Welding Process
  33. Interfacial kinematics and governing mechanisms under the influence of high strain rate impact conditions: Numerical computations of experimental observations
  34. A novel artificial dual-phase microstructure generator based on topology optimization
  35. Magnetic Pulse Welding: An Innovative Joining Technology for Similar and Dissimilar Metal Pairs
  36. Depiction of interfacial characteristic changes during impact welding using computational methods: Comparison between Arbitrary Lagrangian - Eulerian and Eulerian simulations
  37. Suitability of the electromagnetic ring expansion test to characterize materials under high strain rate deformation
  38. Formation of porous inner architecture at the interface of magnetic pulse welded Al/Cu joints
  39. Hybrid metallic composite materials fabricated by sheathed powder compaction
  40. Inner Architecture of Bonded Splats under Combined High Pressure and Shear
  41. Magnetic pulse welding of Al/Al and Al/Cu metal pairs: Consequences of the dissimilar combination on the interfacial behavior during the welding process
  42. Shear blanking test of a mechanically bonded aluminum/copper composite using experimental and numerical methods
  43. Numerical Modeling to Determine Test Conditions of Shear Blanking Test for a Hybrid Material
  44. Strength changes and bonded interface investigations in a spiral extruded aluminum/copper composite
  45. Spiral extrusion of aluminum/copper composite for future manufacturing of hybrid rods: A study of bond strength and interfacial characteristics