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  1. XRD and CO2 Adsorption Studies of Modified Silica Gel with Octadecylamine
  2. Characterizations and Application of Supported Ionic Liquid [bmim][CF3SO3]/SiO2 in CO2 Capture
  3. Carbon Dioxide Adsorption and Desorption Study Using Bimetallic Calcium Oxide Impregnated on Iron (III) Oxide
  4. Studies on Adsorption-Desorption of CO2 by Long Chain Fatty Amine Supported on SiO2
  5. Development of α-Fe2O3 as Adsorbent and its Effect on CO2 Capture
  6. Immobilization and Characterizations of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid on Silica for CO2 Adsorption/Desorption Studies