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  1. Isostrophy Bryant-Schneider Group-Invariant of Bol Loops
  2. Nuclear Identification of Some New Loop Identities of Length Five
  3. On a class of power associative LCC-loops
  4. On the isotopic characterizations of generalized Bol loops
  5. A new Universal metric of researcher’s contributions to academic knowledge
  6. Order of finite soft quasigroups with application to egalitarianism
  7. A study of the holomorphy of (r, s, t)-inverse loops
  8. Latin quandles and applications to cryptography
  9. New algebraic properties of middle Bol loops II
  10. Basarab loop and the generators of its total multiplication group
  11. Basarab loop and the generators of its total multiplication group
  12. Conclusion and Recommendation
  13. Globafricalisation and Sustainable Development: Research and Researchers’ Assessments
  14. Preface
  15. Frontmatter
  16. Index
  17. Chapter One: Introduction
  18. Authors’ Profile
  19. Caveat
  20. Bibliography
  21. Acronyms
  22. Acknowledgments
  23. Chapter Four: Impact Factor Alternatives
  24. Chapter Three: Public Perspectives on Researchers’ Evaluation
  25. Chapter Five: Indigenous Knowledge and Africolonisation: ‘Publish or Perish’ Syndrome
  26. Table of Content
  27. Comments by Reviewers
  28. Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendation
  29. Chapter Two: University Ranking, Researchers’ Evaluations and Scientometric Indicators
  30. Summary of the Online Survey Report
  31. Osborn loops of order 4n
  32. Singular neutrosophic extended triplet groups
  33. Fenyves BCI-Algebras
  34. Neutrosophic Triplet Group
  35. Loading... Inverse Properties in Neutrosophic Triplet Loop and Their Application to Cryptography
  36. Nested balanced incomplete block designs
  37. Finite FRUTE loops
  38. An upgrade Osborn Loops Structure
  39. This is a semidirect product of generalized Bol loops.
  40. Generalized right central loops
  41. Simplicial Complexes of Universal Osborn Loops
  42. On Two Cryptographic Identities In Universal Osborn Loops
  43. Osborn loops
  44. Group of Linear-Bivariate Polynomials that Generate Quasigroups
  45. Three cryptographic identities in left universal Osborn loops