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  1. Do You Trust Science?
  2. Public Theology Facing a Planet in Turmoil
  3. Astrobiology: The Almost Religious Science
  4. When did our ancesters evolve to the point of religious consciousness?
  5. Deep grace in deep space? How to become an astrotheologian
  6. Theologians should embrace science yet eschew scientism
  7. Warning: watch out for the replacement factor in the US election
  8. “The Struggle for Cognitive Liberty: Retrofitting the Self in Activist Theology,”
  9. Should we genetically alter the DNA of astronauts heading for Mars?
  10. Artificial Intelligence versus Agape Love
  11. Allies in the Struggle Against the Post-Truth Swarm
  12. Transhumanist Enthusiasm versus Theological Realism
  13. Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, and Frankenfear
  14. Our Common Cosmos: An Exercise in Astrotheology
  15. The Problem of Theodicy within Theistic Evolution
  16. Covenant, Blood, and Violence: America at War with Itself and Others
  17. Astrotheology: Science and Theology Meet ET
  18. What is Public Theology?
  19. Microbial Life off Earth: instrumental or intrinsic value?
  20. Ten different ways of relating science to religion: what are they?
  21. Analysis of Ted Peters "God--the World's Future" by Paul Hinlicky.
  22. Theologians Get No Respect!
  23. Remembering Ian G. Barbour's book, "Issues in Science and Religion."
  24. Should CRISPR Scientists Play God?
  25. Outer Space and Cyber Space: Meeting ET in the Cloud
  26. God--The World's Future
  27. Seminary Students Should Study Science
  28. Sin Boldly!
  29. The Boundaries of Human Nature
  30. Theological Reflections on Space Exploration
  31. Deep Incarnation andKenosis: In, With, Under, and As: A Response to Ted Peters
  32. Models of God
  33. Is the Human Genome Sacred?
  34. Contributions from Practical Theology and Ethics
  35. A Parish Pastor Responds To Ted Peters
  36. On Atheism: A Response to Ted Peters
  37. On Pluralism: In Response to Ted Peters
  38. On Parish Theologizing in Response to Ted Peters
  39. Models of God
  40. Naturwissenschaft und Religion. Ein wachsender Forschungsbereich
  41. Astrotheology
  42. Protestantism and the Sciences
  43. The Problem of Suffering in Theistic Evolution
  44. Where There's Life, There's Intelligence! All Life is Intelligent.
  45. Preface to the 2015 book, "Sin Boldly!"