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  1. Features of polarized Raman spectra for homogeneous and non-homogeneous compressively strained Ge1−y Sny alloys
  2. Polarized Raman Spectroscopy and Chemometric Analysis of Micro-crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
  3. Level Anticrossing of Impurity States in Semiconductor Nanocrystals
  4. Silicon Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO2 Matrices: Ab initio Results
  5. Influence of intermolecular interactions on spectroscopic characteristics of metal nanoparticles and their composites
  6. Polarization anisotropy of photoluminescence from triphenylamine-based molecular single crystals
  7. Tunable Microcavity Based on Macroporous Silicon: Feasibility of Fabrication
  8. Surface Tamm states in a photonic crystal slab with asymmetric termination
  10. Resonance Enhancement of Raman Scattering from One-Dimensional Periodical Structures of Porous Silicon
  11. Surface states in the optical spectra of two-dimensional photonic crystals with various surface terminations
  12. Multi-channel Si-liquid crystal filter with fine tuning capability of individual channels for compensation of fabrication tolerances
  13. Fine tunable multi-cavity Si photonic crystal filters
  14. Characterization of Rapid Melt Growth (RMG) Process for High Quality Thin Film Germanium on Insulator
  15. Enhancement of photoluminescence signal from ultrathin layers with silicon nanocrystals
  18. Investigation of stress and structural damage in H and He implanted Ge using micro-Raman mapping technique on bevelled samples
  19. Investigation of Germanium Implanted with Hydrogen for Layer Transfer Applications
  20. Fabrication technology of heterojunctions in the lattice of a 2D photonic crystal based on macroporous silicon
  21. Characterisation of thin film silicon films deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition at 162MHz, using a large area, scalable, multi-tile-electrode plasma source
  22. Optical properties of grooved silicon microstructures: Theory and experiment
  23. Silicon photonic crystal filter with ultrawide passband characteristics
  24. The Effect of Local Field Dispersion on the Spectral Characteristics of Nanosized Particles and their Composites
  25. All-optically tunable waveform synthesis by a silicon nanowaveguide ring resonator coupled with a photonic-crystal fiber frequency shifter
  26. Transformation of one-dimensional silicon photonic crystal into Fabry-Perot resonator
  27. Design, fabrication, and optical characterization of multicomponent photonic crystals for integrated silicon microphotonics
  28. Optical spectra of two-dimensional photonic crystal bars based on macroporous Si
  29. Composition and strain in thin Si1−xGex virtual substrates measured by micro-Raman spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction
  30. Formation of Infrared Regions of Transparency in One-Dimensional Silicon Photonic Crystals
  31. Reversal and pinning of Curie point transformations in thin film piezoelectrics
  32. Micro-Raman and Spreading Resistance Analysis on Beveled Implanted Germanium for Layer Transfer Applications
  33. Design of three‐component one‐dimensional photonic crystals with tuning of optical contrast and regions of transparency
  34. Electron-electron scattering in a double quantum dot: Effective mass approach
  35. Size Effect on the Infrared Spectra of Condensed Media under Conditions of 1D, 2D, and 3D Dielectric Confinement
  36. Functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with optically switchable spiropyrans
  37. A study of raman and rutherford backscattering spectra of amorphous carbon films modified with platinum
  38. Fabrication of one-dimensional photonic crystals by photoelectrochemical etching of silicon
  39. Micro-Raman Mapping of 3C-SiC Thin Films Grown by Solid–Gas Phase Epitaxy on Si (111)
  40. Double quantum dot photoluminescence mediated by incoherent reversible energy transport
  41. Optical Contrast Tuning in Three-Component One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
  42. Ultraviolet and visible Raman analysis of thin a-C films grown by filtered cathodic arc deposition
  43. Design, fabrication, and optical characterization of Fabry-Pérot tunable resonator based on microstructured Si and liquid crystal
  44. Design of three-component one-dimensional photonic crystals for alteration of optical contrast and omni-directional reflection
  45. Raman Investigation of Different Polytypes in SiC Thin Films Grown by Solid-Gas Phase Epitaxy on Si (111) and 6H-SiC Substrates
  46. Raman and Fourier transform infrared study of substitutional carbon incorporation in rapid thermal chemical vapor deposited Si1−x−yGexCy on (1 0 0) Si
  47. Determination of substitutional carbon content in rapid thermal chemical vapour deposited Si1−x−yGexCy on Si (1 0 0) using Raman spectroscopy
  48. One-dimensional photonic crystal fabricated by the photochemical etching of silicon
  49. Optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals fabricated by photo-electrochemical etching of silicon
  50. Numerical methods for calculation of optical properties of layered structures
  51. Silicon Periodic Structures and their Liquid Crystal Composites
  52. Direct evidence of the dielectric confinement effect in the infrared spectra of organic liquids
  53. Optical study of platinum-modified amorphous carbon
  54. Investigation of tetrazine functionalised single walled carbon nanotubes
  55. Optical characteristics of a one-dimensional photonic crystal with an additional regular layer
  56. Functionalisation of silicon surfaces using tetrazine functionalities
  57. Photo-electrochemical etching of macro-pores in silicon with grooves as etch seeds
  58. Elaboration of the gap-map method for the design and analysis of one-dimensional photonic crystal structures
  59. Microstructural investigation supporting an abrupt stress induced transformation in amorphous carbon films
  60. Micro-Raman investigation of stress distribution in laser drilled via structures
  61. In situ micro-Raman analysis and X-ray diffraction of nickel silicide thin films on silicon
  62. Strain, composition and crystalline perfection in thin SiGe layers studied by Raman spectroscopy
  63. Resonant energy transfer in quantum dots: Frequency-domain luminescent spectroscopy
  64. Design of one-dimensional photonic crystals using combination of band diagram and photonic gap map approaches
  65. Thermo-tunable defect mode in one dimensional photonic structure based on grooved silicon and liquid crystal
  66. Electro-tuning of the photonic band gap in SOI-based structures infiltrated with liquid crystal
  67. Tip-enhanced secondary emission of a semiconductor quantum dot
  68. Stain etching of micro-machined silicon structures
  69. Tunable photonic structures based on silicon and liquid crystals
  70. A Simple Sol—Gel Processing for the Development of High-Temperature Stable Photoactive Anatase Titania.
  71. MicroRaman spectroscopy of protective coatings deposited onto C/C–SiC composites
  72. New optical cylindrical microresonators
  74. Whispering gallery mode emission from microtube cavity
  75. A Simple Sol−Gel Processing for the Development of High-Temperature Stable Photoactive Anatase Titania
  76. Quantum dot energy relaxation mediated by plasmon emission in doped covalent semiconductor heterostructures
  77. Amplified spontaneous emission from a microtube cavity with whispering gallery modes
  79. Tunable one‐dimensional photonic crystal structures based on grooved Si infiltrated with liquid crystal E7
  80. Whispering gallery modes from CVD diamond spherical-like particles
  81. The Fabrication, Fluorescence Dynamics, and Whispering Gallery Modes of Aluminosilicate Microtube Resonators
  82. Confined modes in photonic microtube structures
  83. Chemical modification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes using a tetrazine derivative
  84. Electrotunable in-plane one-dimensional photonic structure based on silicon and liquid crystal
  85. Composition and stress analysis in Si structures using micro-raman spectroscopy
  86. Investigation of alumina–silica films deposited by pulsed injection metal–organic chemical vapour deposition
  87. Electro-tunable one-dimensional photonic crystal structures based on grooved silicon infiltrated with liquid crystal
  88. Stress determination in strained-Si grown on ultra-thin SiGe virtual substrates
  89. Extension of photonic band gaps in one-dimensional photonic crystals
  90. Dendrite-Like Self-Assembly of Magnetite Nanoparticles on Porous Silicon
  91. Infrared and submillimeter spectroscopy of grooved silicon structures
  92. Whispering Gallery Mode Emission from Photonic Microtubes
  93. Controlled Self-Assembly of Nanocrystals into Polycrystalline Fluorescent Dendrites with Energy-Transfer Properties
  94. Controlled Self-Assembly of Nanocrystals into Polycrystalline Fluorescent Dendrites with Energy-Transfer Properties
  95. Experimental evidence of photonic band gap extension for disordered 1D photonic crystals based on Si
  96. Design of one-dimensional composite photonic crystals with an extended photonic band gap
  97. Investigation into the orientation of the liquid-crystal mixture E7 in composite photonic crystals based on single-crystal silicon
  98. Reinforcement of poly(vinyl chloride) and polystyrene using chlorinated polypropylene grafted carbon nanotubes
  99. Strained Silicon on Ultrathin Silicon-Germanium Virtual Substrates
  100. Strained Silicon on Ultrathin Silicon-Germanium Virtual Substrates
  101. Polarized infrared and Raman spectroscopy studies of the liquid crystal E7 alignment in composites based on grooved silicon
  102. Optical characteristics of ordinary and tunable 1D Si photonic crystals in the mid-infrared range
  103. Spectroscopic characteristics of nanocomposite structures in 3D, 2D, and 1D size confinements
  104. Alignment of liquid crystal E7 in composite photonic crystals based on single crystal silicon
  105. Spectroscopical analyis of strained silicon quantum wells
  106. Magnetic nanoparticles - porous silicon composite material
  107. Silica micro tubes formed during the patterning of oxidized macroporous silicon
  108. Design and fabrication of the periodical structures based on grooved Si for middle infrared microphotonics
  109. Porous silicon - rare earth doped xerogel and glass composites
  110. Effect of the Internal Field on the IR Absorption Spectra of Small Particles in the Case of 3D, 2D, and 1D Size Confinement
  111. Characterisation of virtual substrates with ultra-thin Si0.6Ge0.4 strain relaxed buffers
  112. Stripes of 2D photonic crystal obtained from macroporous silicon
  113. 1D photonic crystal fabricated by wet etching of silicon
  114. Method of construction of composite one-dimensional photonic crystal with extended photonic band gaps
  115. Quartz microtubes based on macroporous silicon
  116. Determination of band offsets in strained-Si heterolayers
  117. Technique for patterning macroporous silicon and the fabrication of bars of 2D photonic crystals with vertical walls
  118. 1D photonic crystals based on periodically grooved Si
  119. 1D Periodic Structures Obtained by Deep Anisotropic Etching of Silicon
  120. C, Si and Sn Implantation of CVD Diamond as a means of Enhancing Subsequent Etch Rate
  121. Effect of ZnS shell thickness on the phonon spectra in CdSe quantum dots
  122. Design criteria and optical characteristics of one-dimensional photonic crystals based on periodically grooved silicon
  123. Chemical modification of silicon surfaces with ferrocene functionalities
  124. Vertically etched silicon as 1D photonic crystal
  125. IR birefringence in artificial crystal fabricated by anisotropic etching of silicon
  128. Local field effect on infrared phonon frequencies of thin dielectric films
  129. Characterization of macro-porous silicon for electronic applications
  130. Spectroscopic characterization of chemically modified porous silicon
  131. Study of structure and quality of different silicon oxides using FTIR and Raman microscopy
  132. FTIR and Raman investigation of vertically etched silicon as a 1D photonic crystal
  133. Carbon dependence of the vibrational modes frequencies in Si 1-x-y Ge x C y alloys
  134. Investigation into the structure and quality of carbon/carbon-SiC composites
  135. Determination of SF6 reactive ion etching end point of the SiO2/Si system by plasma impedance monitoring
  136. Order Parameter, Alignment and Anchoring Transition in Discotic Liquid Crystals
  137. High-k ZrO2 Gate Dielectric on Strained-Si
  138. Molecular model of dielectric relaxation and the far-infrared isotopic effect in liquid H2O and D2O
  139. Measurement of thicknesses of thin films by the Fourier spectrometry method
  140. Process‐Induced Modification to the Surface of Crystalline Silicon Measured by Precise Chemical Analysis
  141. Precise chemical analysis development for silicon wafers after rapid thermal processing
  142. Orientational Effects in Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals using Infrared Spectroscopy
  143. Structure and Orientation of Molecules in Discotic Liquid Crystals Using Infrared Spectroscopy
  144. Surface phenomena in discotic liquid crystals investigated using polarized FTIR transmission spectroscopy
  145. Boron diffusion from a spin-on source during rapid thermal processing
  146. A comparison of the far-infrared and low-frequency Raman spectra of glass-forming liquids
  147. Low-frequency studies and molecular dynamics of water/glycerol mixtures
  148. Rotational bias of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal studied by polarized Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
  149. Far-infrared spectra of highly viscous liquids: glycerol and triacetin (glycerol triacetate)
  150. Observation of an anchoring transition in a discotic liquid crystal
  151. 3-D orientation and switching studies of FLCs using ATR FTIR spectroscopy
  152. Polarised infrared spectroscopy for the study of 3-dimensional orientations of FLC molecules
  153. Study of orientational ordering in discotic liquid-crystalline thin films by using Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy
  154. Low-frequency Raman and far-infrared spectra of acetone/chloroform mixtures
  155. Fourier transform infrared study of poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) PHEMA
  156. Low frequency vibrational spectroscopy of highly viscous and highly polar liquids
  157. Low frequency vibrational spectroscopy of highly viscous and highly polar liquids
  158. Study of the molecular orientation in a chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture using infrared dichroism
  159. Molecular tilt angle and order parameter of low-molar-mass ferroelectric liquid crystal using IR spectroscopy
  160. Dispersive fourier transform far-infrared spectroscopy of aliphatic ketones
  161. Far‐Infrared and Low‐Frequency Raman Spectra of Condensed Media
  162. Determination of the optical characteristics in the molecular band region from DTIR (disturbed total internal reflection) spectra by the kramers-kronig method
  163. Composition and stress analysis in Si/SiGe structures
  164. Strain and composition in thin SiGe buffer layers with high Ge content studied by micro-Raman spectroscopy
  165. Photonic band gap structures based on periodically grooved silicon
  166. Large optical anisotropy in the structure of 1D photonic crystal fabricated by vertical etching of silicon
  167. Nanodiamond Injection into the Gas-Phase During CVD Diamond Film Growth