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  1. Perceptual detection thresholds for numerical dispersion in binaural auralizations of two acoustically different rooms
  2. Clearly audible room acoustical differences may not reveal where you are in a room
  3. Erratum: Perception of loudness and envelopment for different orchestral dynamics [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 148, 2137–2145 (2020)]
  4. Erratum: Recognizing individual concert halls is difficult when listening to the acoustics with different musical passages [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 148, 1380–1390 (2020)]
  5. Perceptual roughness of spatially assigned sparse noise for rendering reverberation
  6. Common Image Source Search for Multiple Spatial Room Impulse Response Measurements
  7. Parametric Late Reverberation from Broadband Directional Estimates
  8. Sound rendering with early reflections extracted from a measured spatial room impulse response
  9. Acoustic Coatings—A Discreet Way to Control Acoustic Environment
  10. Locating Image Sources from Multiple Spatial Room Impulse Responses
  11. Sound absorption properties of wood-based pulp fibre foams
  12. Movie Sound, Part 1: Perceptual Differences of Six Listening Environments
  13. Movie Sound, Part 2: Preference and Attribute Ratings of Six Listening Environments
  14. Uncertainty in tuning evaluation with low-register complex tones of orchestra instruments
  15. Angle-Dependent Absorption of Sound on Porous Materials
  16. Perception of loudness and envelopment for different orchestral dynamics
  17. An exploratory investigation of speech recognition thresholds in noise with auralisations of two reverberant rooms
  18. Recognizing individual concert halls is difficult when listening to the acoustics with different musical passages
  19. Objective analysis of the dynamic responsiveness of concert halls
  20. Investigating the influence of seating area design and enclosure on the seat-dip effect using scale model measurements
  21. Auditory Spatial Impression in Concert Halls
  22. Perception and preference of reverberation in small listening rooms for multi-loudspeaker reproduction
  23. Influence of Sound-Absorbing Material Placement on Room Acoustical Parameters
  24. The Effects of Adding Pyramidal and Convex Diffusers on Room Acoustic Parameters in a Small Non-Diffuse Room
  25. Architectural Features That Make Music Bloom in Concert Halls
  26. Direct-To-Reverberant Ratio Threshold for Localization in Concert Halls
  27. Special Issue on “Sound and Music Computing”
  28. Optimization of Virtual Loudspeakers for Spatial Room Acoustics Reproduction with Headphones
  29. Segmentation of subjects in multivariate paired comparisons. Application to the preference for concert halls acoustics
  30. Perceptual aspects of reproduced sound in car cabin acoustics
  31. Perceptual significance of seat-dip effect related direct sound coloration in concert halls
  32. Wheel of Concert Hall Acoustics
  33. A Rapid Sensory Analysis Method for Perceptual Assessment of Automotive Audio
  34. Physical and Perceptual Comparison of Real and Focused Sound Sources in a Concert Hall
  35. Perception of music dynamics in concert hall acoustics
  36. Concert hall acoustics: Repertoire, listening position, and individual taste of the listeners influence the qualitative attributes and preferences
  37. A novel method for perceptual assessment of small room acoustics using rapid sensory analysis
  38. Insights from three profiling studies of auralized concert hall acoustics: Support for a three dimensional perceptual space?
  39. Concert halls with strong and lateral sound increase the emotional impact of orchestra music
  40. Guided by music: pedestrian and cyclist navigation with route and beacon guidance
  41. Spatial Analysis and Synthesis of Car Audio System and Car Cabin Acoustics with a Compact Microphone Array
  42. Investigation of auditory distance perception and preferences in concert halls by using virtual acoustics
  43. Analysis of the Seat-Dip Effect in Twelve European Concert Halls
  44. Auditory Distance Presentation in an Urban Augmented Reality Environment
  45. The Acoustics of Vineyard Halls, is it so Great After all?
  46. The acoustics of a concert hall as a linear problem
  47. Auralization and Ambisonics
  48. Processing of spatial sounds in human auditory cortex during visual, discrimination and 2-back tasks
  49. Acoustic visualizations using surface mapping
  50. Identifying concert halls from source presence vs room presence
  51. Concert halls with strong lateral reflections enhance musical dynamics
  52. Concert Hall Geometry Optimization with Parametric Modeling Tools and Wave-Based Acoustic Simulations
  53. Relationships between preference ratings, sensory profiles, and acoustical measurements in concert halls
  54. Tasting music like wine: Sensory evaluation of concert halls
  55. Design and outcomes of an acoustic data visualization seminar
  56. The role of diffusive architectural surfaces on auditory spatial discrimination in performance venues
  57. Eyes-free interaction with free-hand gestures and auditory menus
  58. The effect of diffuse reflections on spatial discrimination in a simulated concert hall
  59. Analysis of concert hall acoustics via visualizations of time-frequency and spatiotemporal responses
  60. Acoustics of Epidaurus – Studies With Room Acoustics Modelling Methods
  61. Sensory evaluation of concert hall acoustics
  62. Spatio-temporal energy measurements in renowned concert halls with a loudspeaker orchestra
  63. Combining Auditory and Visual Menus
  64. Disentangling preference ratings of concert hall acoustics using subjective sensory profiles
  65. Temporal Differences in String Bowing of Symphony Orchestra Players
  66. Modeling incoherent reflections from rough room surfaces with image sources
  67. Acoustic Reflection Localization from Room Impulse Responses
  68. Evaluation of Concert Hall Auralization with Virtual Symphony Orchestra
  69. Lateral reflections are favorable in concert halls due to binaural loudness
  70. Simulation of the violin section sound based on the analysis of orchestra performance
  71. Concert hall acoustics assessment with individually elicited attributes
  72. Engaging concert hall acoustics is made up of temporal envelope preserving reflections
  73. Spatial Effects
  74. Estimation of Reflections from Impulse Responses
  75. Investigations on the balloon as an impulse source
  76. A mobile augmented reality audio system with binaural microphones
  77. Efficient acoustic radiance transfer method with time-dependent reflections
  78. Canonical analysis of individual vocabulary profiling data
  79. Directivities of Symphony Orchestra Instruments
  80. Acoustic reflection path tracing using a highly directional loudspeaker
  81. A gesture-based and eyes-free control method for mobile devices
  82. Frequency Domain Acoustic Radiance Transfer for Real-Time Auralization
  83. Accelerated beam tracing algorithm
  84. Anechoic Recording System for Symphony Orchestra
  85. Measurement and modeling of diffraction from an edge of a thin panel
  86. Geometry Reduction in Room Acoustics Modeling
  87. Recording of anechoic symphony music
  88. The room acoustic rendering equation
  89. Spatial Sound and Virtual Acoustics
  90. Localizing Sound Sources in a CAVE-Like Virtual Environment with Loudspeaker Array Reproduction
  91. Extreme Filters-cache-efficient implementation of long IIR and FIR filters
  92. Comparison of auditory, visual, and audiovisual navigation in a 3D space
  93. Author's comments on Gröhn, Lokki, and Takala, ICAD 2003
  94. Navigation with Auditory Cues in a Virtual Environment
  95. Subjective comparison of four concert halls based on binaural impulse responses
  96. Visualization of edge diffraction
  97. Creating interactive virtual auditory environments
  98. Analysis of Room Responses, Motivated by Auditory Perception
  99. Implementation issues of 3D audio in a virtual room
  100. Some aspects of role of audio in immersive visualization
  101. Realtime audiovisual rendering and contemporary audiovisual art
  102. Upponurkka: An Inexpensive Immersive Display for Public VR Installations
  103. Interactive room acoustic rendering in real time