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  1. The rise and fall of empathy in an era of financial crisis: rethinking the neoliberal imaginary
  2. The Neoliberal Mobilization of Empathy in the Era of the Financial Crisis: A Case-Study
  3. Tragedy in Ian McEwan’s The Children Act
  4. Zadie Smith’s novel NW and the ethics of empathy
  5. “The Ugly Duckling” andThe Mill on the Floss: A Fairy-Tale Rewriting of the BildungsromaN
  6. Confronting the Dogs of War: Violence and Caregiving in Ian McEwan's Black Dogs and David Grossman's To the End of the Land
  7. Against Empathy: Levinas and Ethical Criticism in the 21st Century
  8. Margaret Atwood’s Feminist Ethics of Gracious Housewifery