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  1. Kaolinite–poly(methacrylamide) intercalated nanocomposite via in situ polymerization
  2. Intercalation of cyclic imides in kaolinite
  3. Reactivity of ionic liquids with kaolinite: Melt intersalation of ethyl pyridinium chloride in an urea-kaolinite pre-intercalate
  4. Aluminosilicate nanohybrid materials. Intercalation of polystyrene in kaolinite
  5. Synthesis, characterization and magnetochemical studies of some copper(II) complexes derived from 5,5′-methylene bis(N-salicylideneacylhydrazines)
  6. Intercalation and interlamellar grafting of polyols in layered aluminosilicates. d-Sorbitol and adonitol derivatives of kaolinite