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  1. How is T1 or shallow T2 Gallbladder Carcinoma Depicted on Ultrasound?
  2. How can we identify T1 or shallow T2 gallbladder carcinoma using ultrasound?
  3. Ultrasound criteria for T1b or T2 gallbladder carcinoma
  4. Letter to the Editor: What are contrast-enhanced ultrasound criteria for T2 gallbladder carcinoma?
  5. Ultrasound images of gallbladder metastasis from renal cell carcinoma
  6. Flat-elevated gallbladder tumor with a deep hypoechoic area except T2 carcinoma
  7. Giant fibrous polyp of the gallbladder: How to differentiate it from early carcinoma
  8. Ultrasound criteria for sessile elevated early gallbladder carcinoma
  9. Hyperplastic polyp of the gallbladder mimicking a shallow T2 gallbladder carcinoma
  10. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound can abolish unnecessary surgeries for the accessory spleen.
  11. Ultrasound criteria for shallow T2 gallbladder carcinoma
  12. Hypoechoic area suggesting subserosal invasion in polyploid gallbladder carcinoma