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  1. Draft Genome Sequence of the Arsenic-Resistant Bacterium Brevundimonas denitrificans TAR-002T
  2. Electrical Retrieval of Living Streptomycete Spores Using a Potential-Controlled ITO Electrode
  3. Halarchaeum grantii sp. nov., a moderately acidophilic haloarchaeon isolated from a commercial salt sample
  4. Electrical Retrieval of Living Microorganisms from Cryopreserved Marine Sponges Using a Potential-Controlled Electrode
  5. Involvement of flocculin in negative potential-applied ITO electrode adhesion of yeast cells
  6. Aneurinibacillus tyrosinisolvens sp. nov., a tyrosine-dissolving bacterium isolated from organics- and methane-rich seafloor sediment
  7. Draft Genome Sequence of Aneurinibacillus tyrosinisolvens LL-002 T , Which Possesses Some Pseudouridine Synthases
  8. Draft Genome Sequence of Novosphingobium sp. Strain MBES04, Isolated from Sunken Wood from Suruga Bay, Japan
  9. Archaealβdiversity patterns under the seafloor along geochemical gradients
  10. High frequency of phylogenetically diverse reductive dehalogenase-homologous genes in deep subseafloor sedimentary metagenomes
  11. Draft Genome Sequence of the Dimorphic Prosthecate Bacterium Brevundimonas abyssalis TAR-001T
  12. Molecular biological and isotopic biogeochemical prognoses of the nitrification-driven dynamic microbial nitrogen cycle in hadopelagic sediments
  13. Attachment and Detachment of Living Microorganisms Using a Potential-Controlled Electrode
  14. Study on the deepest sea creature
  15. Leader Peptide-mediated Transcriptional Attenuation of Lysine Biosynthetic Gene Cluster inThermus thermophilus