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  1. Adsorption properties of B12N12, AlB11N12, and GaB11N12 nanostructure in gas and solvent phase for phenytoin detecting: A DFT study
  2. An Analysis of Urban Block Initiatives Influencing Energy Consumption and Solar Energy Absorption
  3. Computational study of the effect of Fe-doping on the sensing characteristics of BC3 nano-sheet toward sulfur trioxide
  4. The Effects of Minor Element Addition on the Structural Heterogeneity and Mechanical Properties of ZrCuAl Bulk Metallic Glasses
  5. Comparative examination of the physical parameters of the sol gel produced compounds La0.5Ag0.1Ca0.4MnO3 and La0.6Ca0.3Ag0.1MnO3
  6. Magnetic CeO2/SrFe12O19 Nanocomposite: Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange
  7. The Effects of Temperature and Impact Velocity on the Shock Wave Response of Pore-Embedded Metallic Glasses
  8. A comprehensive review on pulsed laser deposition technique to effective nanostructure production: trends and challenges
  9. Optimal Energy Scheduling of Appliances in Smart Buildings Based on Economic and Technical Indices
  10. Volume 10, Issue 2, Formation
  11. Smartphone-based colorimetric sensor application for measuring biochemical material concentration
  12. Volume 10, Issue 1, Formation
  13. Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing and Surveillance System Dehazing Technique
  14. Volume 9, Issue 2, Formation
  15. A review of smartphone point‐of‐care adapter design
  16. Volume 9, Issue 1, Formation