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  1. How do scholars define visual communication? What methods do they use to study this topic?
  2. Journalism Employability in the Modern Newsroom: Insights From Applicant Resumes and Cover Letters
  3. How can emergency services organisations manage problematic images during disasters?
  4. How did journalists and photo editors represent Australia's 2019-20 bushfire season?
  5. What images do we make or screenshot on our phones and which of these do we share?
  6. How do we know what's real and not when it comes to the visuals we encounter online?
  7. Exploring the life of America's first openly gay major
  8. Book Review: Simon Collister and Sarah Roberts-Bowman, Visual Public Relations: Strategic Communication beyond Text
  9. How do news media depictions of migrants affect how others perceive them?
  10. How do ordinary people behave in front of news cameras?
  11. What are the benefits/challenges of using visual social media to support health for those with HIV?
  12. How do verbal narratives compare to visual ones?
  13. Exploring how visual journalists experience and manage their work-related emotions
  14. Photography: A Critical Introduction (Fifth Edition), edited by Liz Wells
  15. Book Review: Theorizing Images by Žarko Paić and Krešimir Purgar (Eds.)
  16. How did a gay photographer view his community before and during the AIDS crisis of the '80s?
  17. Why do Instagram users engage more with certain content on the platform?
  18. Exploring how three media systems depicted the same event differently
  19. Exploring how race impacts visual news media coverage
  20. How is the freelancer model impacting photojournalists' learning and development?
  21. Why are people reactive to cameras and what can visual journalists do about it?