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  1. It’s the journey, not the destination: How metaphor drives growth after goal attainment.
  2. When individual goal pursuit turns competitive: How we sabotage and coast.
  3. Leveraging Means-Goal Associations to Boost Children’s Water Consumption: Persuasion in a Four-School, Three-Month Field Experiment
  4. Social Information Avoidance: When, Why, and How It Is Costly in Goal Pursuit
  5. Step by step: Sub-goals as a source of motivation
  6. How winning changes motivation in multiphase competitions.
  7. From Close to Distant: The Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships in Shared Goal Pursuit
  8. The Unexpected Positive Impact of Fixed Structures on Goal Completion
  9. All roads lead to Rome: The impact of multiple attainment means on motivation.
  10. So near and yet so far: The mental representation of goal progress.
  11. When others cross psychological distance to help: Highlighting prosocial actions toward outgroups encourages philanthropy
  12. Motivational Consequences of Perceived Velocity in Consumer Goal Pursuit
  13. Been There, Done That: The Impact of Effort Investment on Goal Value and Consumer Motivation
  14. How Endowed versus Earned Progress Affects Consumer Goal Commitment and Motivation
  15. College-Educated Youths' Attitudes toward Global Brands: Implications for Global Marketing Strategies