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  1. Creating Advanced Low-Cost Optical Sensors by Mixing Light and Nanotechnology
  2. Effortless Creation of Advanced Fiber-Based Optical Sensors Using Gold Nanoparticles
  3. New Approach to Photodetection Using Wrinkled Metal-Semiconductor Grating
  4. Enhancing Light Emission with Perovskite Nanostructures
  5. Creating Tiny, Efficient Lasers with Quantum Dots for Various Applications
  6. Creating Highly-Sensitive Sensors with Tiny Particle Chains
  7. Ultra-Sensitive Sensors Using Gratings and Waveguides
  8. Better Sensors and Optoelectronic Devices with Metallic Photonic Crystals
  9. Blind Super-Resolution Approach for Exploiting Illumination Variety in Optical-Lattice Illumination Microscopy
  10. Nanoimprint Lithography Facilitated Plasmonic‐Photonic Coupling for Enhanced Photoconductivity and Photocatalysis
  11. Exploring Plasmonic Resonances Toward “Large‐Scale” Flexible Optical Sensors with Deformation Stability
  12. Plasmonic Charge Transfers in Large‐Scale Metallic and Colloidal Photonic Crystal Slabs
  13. Exploring the Optical Bound State in the Continuum in a Dielectric Grating Coupled Plasmonic Hybrid System
  14. Grating-Coupled Surface Plasmon-Polariton Sensing at a Flat Metal–Analyte Interface in a Hybrid-Configuration
  15. Study of polarization effects in phase-controlled multi-beam interference lithography towards the realization of sub-micron photonic structures
  16. Method for single-shot fabrication of chiral woodpile photonic structures using phase-controlled interference lithography
  17. Sub-micron Array of Split-Ring Resonators Through Polarization Incorporated Phase-Controlled Interference Lithography
  18. Resolution Enhancement in Multi-Periodic Pattern Illumination Microscopy
  19. Hybridized Guided-Mode Resonances via Colloidal Plasmonic Self-Assembled Grating
  20. Colloidal Self-Assembled Approach Towards Hybrid Waveguide-Plasmon Resonances
  21. Colloidal Self-Assembled Approach Towards Hybrid Waveguide-Plasmon Resonances
  22. Flexible and stretchable guided-mode resonant optical sensor: single-step fabrication on a surface engineered polydimethylsiloxane substrate
  23. Fabrication of helical photonic structures with submicrometer axial and spatial periodicities following “inverted umbrella” geometry through phase-controlled interference lithography
  24. High sensitivity guided-mode-resonance optical sensor employing phase detection
  25. Fabrication of Sub-micrometer Helical Photonic Structures using Top-Cut Hexa-Prism