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  1. Performance of the Dragonfly Lander’s Coaxial Rotor in Vortex Ring State
  2. Drag Decomposition of Full Aircraft Configurations Using Partial-Pressure Fields
  3. Drag Decomposition Using Partial-Pressure Fields: ONERA M6 Wing
  4. Efficient Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach for Coaxial Rotor Simulations in Hover
  5. Effects of Atmospheric Turbulence Unsteadiness on Ship Airwakes and Helicopter Dynamics
  6. Thermodynamic Decomposition of Compressible Wave Drag in the Euler Equations
  7. On the unsteadiness of ship airwakes subject to atmospheric boundary-layer inflow from a helicopter operation perspective
  8. Transient CFD/CSD Tiltrotor Stability Analysis
  9. An Efficient CFD Approach for Co-Axial Rotor Simulations
  10. An Investigation of the Behavior of a Coaxial Rotor in Descent and Ground Effect
  11. Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Testing of an Experimental Measurement Rig for Co-Axial Rotors
  12. Drag Decomposition Using Partial-Pressure Fields in the Compressible Navier–Stokes Equations
  13. Study of Active Rotor Control for In-Plane Rotor Noise Reduction
  14. Coupled Simulations of Atmospheric Turbulence-Modified Ship Airwakes and Helicopter Flight Dynamics
  15. Drag Decomposition Using Partial Pressure Fields in the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations
  16. Computational Investigation of a Boundary-Layer-Ingestion Propulsion System
  17. Scaling and Configuration Effects on Helicopter Rotor Hub Interactional Aerodynamics
  18. Methodology to Determine a Tip-Loss Factor for Highly Loaded Wind Turbines
  19. Computational Investigation of a Boundary Layer Ingestion Propulsion System for the Common Research Model
  20. Higher-Harmonic Deployment of Trailing-Edge Flaps for Rotor-Performance Enhancement and Vibration Reduction
  21. Analytical Method to Determine a Tip Loss Factor for Highly-Loaded Wind Turbine Rotors
  22. Modeling Wind Turbine Tower and Nacelle Effects within an Actuator Line Model
  23. Investigation of Wind Turbine Power Generation During Atmospheric Icing by Multi-Disciplinary Experimentation
  24. Efficient Active Rotor Concepts for In-Plane Noise Reduction
  25. Finite Domain Viscous Correction to the Kutta–Joukowski Theorem in Incompressible Flow
  26. The Effect of Various Actuator-Line Modeling Approaches on Turbine-Turbine Interactions and Wake-Turbulence Statistics in Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Flow
  27. Wind Turbine Fluid-Structure Interaction using an Actuator Line Solver and a Finite Element Solver in a Tightly-Coupled Implementation