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  1. Predicted coreceptor usage at end-stage HIV disease in tissues derived from subjects on antiretroviral therapy with an undetectable plasma viral load
  2. Identifying Transmission Clusters with Cluster Picker and HIV-TRACE
  3. Paucity of Intact Non-Induced Provirus with Early, Long-Term Antiretroviral Therapy of Perinatal HIV Infection
  4. HIV-1 Evolutionary Patterns Associated with Metastatic Kaposi’s Sarcoma during AIDS
  5. Global Diversity within and between Human Herpesvirus 1 and 2 Glycoproteins
  6. Evolved neural networks for HIV-1 co-receptor identification
  7. HIV-associated neuropathogenesis: A systems biology perspective for modeling and therapy
  8. HIV-1 Nef Protein Structures Associated with Brain Infection and Dementia Pathogenesis
  9. HIV-1 Nef Protein Visits B-Cells via Macrophage Nanotubes: A Mechanism for AIDS-Related Lymphoma Pathogenesis?
  10. HIV-miR-H1 evolvability during HIV pathogenesis
  11. Structure of a putative sodium channel from the sea anemoneAiptasia pallida