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  1. Neo-Victorian Cities of the Dead: Contemporary Fictions of the Victorian Cemetery
  2. Long Views and Short Vistas: Victoria's Nineteenth-Century Public Botanic Gardens
  3. Harry Potter's Secret: The Rise of Publishing Sensations from Mary Braddon to J. K. Rowling
  4. Walk on the Wild Side : Literature in the Time of Choleric
  5. Review by Susan K. Martin
  6. Surveying spaces
  7. Monuments in the garden: the garden cemetery in Australia
  8. Gardening and the cultivation of Australian national space: the writings of Ethel Turner
  9. Getting a Head : Dismembering and Remembering in Robert Drewe’s The Savage Crows
  10. On our selection: class, gender and the domestic garden in nineteenth-century Australia
  11. Go further west young man: The new (true blue) frontier of the American imagination