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  1. Physical discomfort and eye movements during arbitrary and optical flow-like motions in stereo 3D contents
  2. A Novel User Experience Study of Parallax Scrolling using Eye Tracking and User Experience Questionnaire
  3. Adaptive Threshold Determination Based on Entropy in Active Contour without Edge Method for Malaria Parasite Candidate Detection
  4. EEG Motor Imagery Signal Classification Using Firefly Support Vector Machine
  5. Performance of Human Motion Analysis: A Comparison
  6. Robust Pupil Localization Algorithm Based on Circular Hough Transform for Extreme Pupil Occlusion
  7. Sliding variance and data range for lightweight sports activity recognition with fusion of modalities
  8. Information System Platform for Outbreak Investigation: A Case Study in Department of Biostatistic, Epidemiology and Public Health, Gadjah Mada University
  9. Population condition analysis of Jakarta land deformation area
  10. River body extraction and classification using enhanced models of modified normalized water difference index at Yeh Unda River Bali
  11. Similarity measures of object selection in interactive applications based on smooth pursuit eye movements
  12. Gaze behavior and heart rate variability during physical discomfort in stereoscopic 3D movie
  13. Evaluating user experience of english learning interface using User Experience Questionnaire and System Usability Scale
  14. Examining the effect of website complexity and task complexity in web-based learning management system
  15. Performance comparison of signal processing filters on smooth pursuit eye movements
  16. Gender recognition using PCA and LDA with improve preprocessing and classification technique
  17. User interface design for android-based family genealogy social media
  18. Long distance Automatic Number Plate Recognition under perspective distortion using zonal density and Support Vector Machine
  19. Towards understanding addiction factors of mobile devices: An eye tracking study on effect of screen size
  20. Comparison expert and novice scan behavior for using e-learning
  21. Knowing what you see in virtual space: a new approach to evaluating 3D gaze tracking.
  22. Contrast Enhancement Analysis to Detect Glaucoma Based on Texture Feature in Retinal Fundus Image
  23. Information Extraction of Optical Answer Sheet (LJK) Based on Image Processing Using Smartphone Camera
  24. Estimating 3D gaze in physical environment: a geometric approach on consumer-level remote eye tracker
  25. Effects of morning-night differences and sleep deprivation on situation awareness and driving performance
  26. Robust pupil tracking algorithm based on ellipse fitting
  27. Investigation of visual attention in day-night driving simulator during cybersickness occurrence
  28. Light sport exercise detection based on smartwatch and smartphone using k-Nearest Neighbor and Dynamic Time Warping algorithm
  29. Real-time traffic classification with Twitter data mining
  30. Spinal curvature determination from scoliosis X-Ray image using sum of squared difference template matching
  31. Welcome message from the general chair
  32. Welcome message from the general chair
  33. Feature extraction for lesion margin characteristic classification from CT Scan lungs image
  34. 3D gaze tracking in real world environment using orthographic projection
  35. Quantifying visual attention and visually induced motion sickness during day-night driving and sleep deprivation
  36. Automated segmentation of optic disc area using mathematical morphology and active contour
  37. Perspective rectification in vehicle number plate recognition using 2D-2D transformation of Planar Homography
  38. Investigation of visually induced motion sickness in dynamic 3D contents based on subjective judgment, heart rate variability, and depth gaze behavior
  39. A computational technique to estimate 3D point of gaze in virtual space
  41. Design of eye tracking gear to estimate where you look at in 3D space
  42. Measuring 3D point of gaze while wearing Nvidia 3D Vision glasses
  43. An image processing technique to detect vertigo through eye movements
  44. Comparison Study of Muscular-Contraction Classification Between Independent Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network