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  1. The impact of awareness of psychotic disorder on pathways to psychiatric care for first episode psychosis in India
  2. Chronic mania—A sequel of cannabis use disorder!
  3. The girl shedding glass pieces from her body parts: Unfolding the mystery behind dermatitis artefacta
  4. Chlorpromazine-induced severe exfoliative photoallergic reaction
  5. Nicotine dependence in resistant schizophrenia: A compensation for trihexyphenidyl dependence or just comorbidity
  6. Dermatosis neglecta in schizophrenia: A rare case report
  7. Pica and psychosis - clinical attributes and correlations: A case report
  8. An extremely rare association of Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome with mania: Coincidence or comorbidity
  9. Psychiatric manifestation of chronic subdural hematoma: The unfolding of mystery in a homeless patient
  10. Sources of occupational stress in the police personnel of North India: An exploratory study
  11. Can the combination of lithium and olanzapine be an effective treatment strategy in the management of bipolar disorder with Wilson′s disease?
  12. Understanding normal development of adolescent sexuality: A bumpy ride
  13. Psychiatric aspects of pediatric epilepsy: Focus on anxiety disorder
  14. Undergraduate psychiatry education in India: Where do we stand on the crossroads?
  15. Dhat syndrome: Evolution of concept, current understanding, and need of an integrated approach
  16. Unfolding the mystery: Rare presentation of Japanese encephalitis as catatonia
  17. Recent advances in pharmacological management of substance use disorders
  18. The burning issue of human immunodeficiency virus infection/acquired immune deficiency syndrome in injection drug users: Global scene with a specific focus to India
  19. Carbamazepine induced optic neuropathy in an adolescent boy with conduct disorder: A rare case report
  20. Treatment-resistant mania in Dandy–Walker malformation with seizure disorder: A case report
  21. Impact of alcohol on the developing brain