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  1. An Image of Power in Transition: St. George Slaying Diocletian and the War of Images
  2. Introduction: Two Opposing Conceptions of Distributive Justice
  3. Intergenerational Justice in the Age of Genetic Manipulation
  4. End-of-Art Philosophy in Hegel, Nietzsche and Danto
  5. The End of Art Debate
  6. Hegel: The End of Art as Truth Incarnate
  7. The Transformative Power of Creativity in Nietzsche’s Saving Illusion
  8. Danto and the End of Art: Surrendering to Unintelligibility
  9. Style of the Future
  10. New Perspectives on Distributive Justice
  11. The Imperceptibility of Style
  12. Danto's Narrative Philosophy of History and the End of Art
  13. False Negation or Critique of Modernism: Turkish Language Reform and the Rise of Islamic Political Identity
  14. Michael Kelly. Iconoclasm in Aesthetics
  15. The End of Art: Hegel’s Appropriation of Artistotle’s Nous