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  1. Chemical imaging of single catalyst particles with scanning μ-XANES-CT and μ-XRF-CT
  2. The fabrication of a bifunctional oxygen electrode without carbon components for alkaline secondary batteries
  3. Revealing the Details of the Surface Composition of Electrochemically Prepared Au@Pd Core@Shell Nanoparticles with in Situ EXAFS
  4. A novel bifunctional oxygen GDE for alkaline secondary batteries
  5. The application of molecular dynamics to fitting EXAFS data
  6. Fitting EXAFS data using molecular dynamics outputs and a histogram approach
  7. Exploring the First Steps in Core–Shell Electrocatalyst Preparation: In Situ Characterization of the Underpotential Deposition of Cu on Supported Au Nanoparticles
  8. Computational prediction of L 3 EXAFS spectra of gold nanoparticles from classical molecular dynamics simulations
  9. In Situ XAS Studies of Core-Shell PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts: The Opportunities and Challenges